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Security & Compliance

Enhance School InfoSec
and Data Privacy Strategies

Protect students, devices, and data from the inside out

Lightspeed’s Security & Compliance solution enables schools and organisations to harden their risk posture, combining decades of content filtering experience, machine learning, and edtech management in one place.

Serving as a critical layer to enhance school InfoSec  and data privacy strategies IT leaders can:

  • Gain insights into the safety and usage of tools and devices.
  • Prevent risky online activity.
  • Simplify edtech review and approval process.
  • Manage third-party privacy policies.
  • Meet regulations to continue keeping students and data safe.

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Lightspeed Filter™

Lightspeed Filter™ gives schools flexibility and control to promote safe digital learning by managing internet security for all users. As the pioneer content filtering solution, it protects students from harmful content wherever they are learning.

Lightspeed Digital Insight™

Lightspeed Digital Insight™ empowers IT and instructional technology leaders with a single view of school edtech usage to quickly understand and act on data privacy compliance approvals.

Prevent risky online activity

Manage internet security without hindering learning or compromising end-user privacy with cybersecurity-focused categories and integration with industry protection lists.

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Simplify edtech review and approval process

Manage all applications and technology that are approved for use and share the approved apps list with parents, teachers, or the public. See all applications in use across all operating systems on school networks and identify rogue applications that need to be reviewed.

Streamlined edtech data privacy management

Lightspeed Digital Insight is the only solution to provide privacy policy scanning with notifications when policies change so that leaders can be proactive to protect students’ personally identifiable information (PII) from getting into the wrong hands.

With 1EdTech and SDPC validation, IT leaders save one hour per application reviewed.

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Leverage Google, Microsoft, and Apple partnerships

Benefit from consistent coverage and protection across popular browsers, devices, and OSes. Lightspeed Systems is a Google CloudMicrosoft, and Apple Certified Partner.

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Lightspeed Systems® with Mac

As an Apple Certified Partner, our integration with Mac devices and the Apple App Store allows for easy mobile device and app management.

Lightspeed Systems® with Apple iOS

Lightspeed Systems makes management of iOS devices in a school setting simple.

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Google Chromebook Filter

Chromebook monitoring and management has never been easier. Lightspeed solutions work seamlessly with any operating system, including Chrome.

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Lightspeed Systems® with Microsoft Education

Lightspeed solutions integrate with Microsoft devices and productivity tools to empower your educators with enhanced monitoring of student behaviour in the digital classroom.

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Student Data Privacy

Teachers are implementing new tools every day—from conferences to free offers. But not all of those apps have been vetted and they may violate student data privacy policies.

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SSL Decryption

SSL decryption is essential for schools. But historically, it’s been a headache—setting up a trusted MITM proxy, creating PAC files, managing trust certificates, etc.

Mobile App Management

In today’s learning environment, apps are the gateway to educational content. But managing all those apps can be challenging for school IT staff.

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Lightspeed Parent Portal

Parents and guardians deserve to know how their child is performing and behaving in the digital classroom.

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CIPA Compliance

Lightspeed Filter™ is a CIPA-compliant web filtering software designed for K-12 schools.

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Device Location Services

Lost or stolen devices cost schools thousands a year. But the right tools can help locate those devices so schools maximize the ROI of their technology investment.

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Multi Academy Trusts (MATs)

Lightspeed Systems gives multi-academy trusts (MATs) fully scalable, fully customisable, hierarchical safety solutions designed just for education.

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Take Control Back From Your Local Authority

We understand that with your current Local Authority, you may have less control over your filtering and device management, which could waste time and restrict learning.

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Support AI Edtech Success at Schools

At Lightspeed Systems, we are providing features across the portfolio to address AI edtech that support AI detection, management, and insights to support districts as they onboard policies and use…

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BYOD and IoT Protection

Cheating is a common concern in schools, and it's made easier with access to technology right at a student’s fingertips.