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Engagement & Impact

Keep Students Focused, Participating, And Utilising High Value Edtech

Get EdTech Engagement & Impact and Classroom Management In One Platform

The rapid expansion of 1:1 device programmes and new learning apps is feeding innovation in education. However, with limited staff and resources, IT and instructional teams need streamlined tools and information to ensure the biggest impact on learners.

Lightspeed’s EdTech Engagement & Impact solution helps schools easily invest in and support edtech resources that are making the greatest instructional impact. With industry-leading edtech usage insights and classroom tools, staff will save time, maximise instruction time, and scale digital learning.

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Visibility and control of your digital apps, in and outside of the classroom

Lightspeed Digital Insight™

Lightspeed Digital Insight™ empowers IT and instructional teams to gain full visibility and control of edtech usage across their school or organisation. View robust analytics, streamline data privacy management, simplify app approvals, and ensure equitable connectivity for all students.

Lightspeed Classroom Management™

Lightspeed Classroom Management™ helps teachers effectively manage classrooms in this 1:1 world. Save teachers time with real-time visibility and control of student device activity, so they can provide support and ensure devices are being used properly.

Understand edtech usage to cut costs and inform professional development

Quickly determine budget ROI and training gaps with identification of underutilised apps and engagement data down to the student level.

Engagement Stats
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Accelerate edtech evaluation to optimise your digital learning programme

Vet apps for data privacy and instructional alignment with a centralised workflow that simplifies collaboration across IT, Curriculum, and teaching teams.

Ensure Equitable Connectivity for All Students

The Digital Equity module provides visibility into student connectivity issues and device health outside of school with robust, real-time data schools can’t find anywhere else. Proactively identify students with poor or no internet access at scale to save time troubleshooting, maximise the impact of digital learning, and empower all students to succeed.

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Help students focus

Send a URL directly to all devices to get every student on the same page—simultaneously.

Teachers directed student focus by sending them to the correct browser link 224,000 times over four months with Lightspeed Classroom Management.

Reduce device distractions

Follow-up on real-time alerts of unusual browsing behaviour by viewing student screens and closing distracting tabs.

Teachers focused student attention by closing distracting browser tabs over 4 million times over four months with Lightspeed Classroom Management.

Keep students focused and engaged

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Classroom Screen Monitoring Software for Schools

With classes full of student devices and increasing numbers of remote learning plans, teachers can find it difficult to keep classes focused and engaged.

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Prevent Cheating

Cheating is a common concern in schools, and it's made easier with access to technology right at a student’s fingertips.

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Edtech Budgeting

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