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Edtech Budgeting

Maximize edtech budget and impact with a collaborative, data-driven process, powered by Lightspeed Systems®

For many districts, budget planning can be a complex and time-consuming process. From reviewing current edtech investments and their impact to facilitating discussion among cross-functional teams and ensuring the budgeted apps comply with security and privacy standards, there is a lot to consider. Lightspeed Digital Insight™ can improve collaboration, surface actionable insights, and save your team time.

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Faster, automated access to more data

Save time by replacing manual data collection with automated collection of data from all devices and operating systems. With Lightspeed Digital Insight, access a succinct view of all important app information in one place, including:

  • App usage at the district, school, grade, and student level
  • App description, category, and third-party reviews
  • Usage by platform, operating system, and more
  • Trending apps and top-used edtech tools

Collaborate cross-functionally in minutes

A single source of truth makes cross-functional discussions data-driven, easy, and productive. Track, compile, export, and quickly share reports on budget and spending with Lightspeed Digital Insight. Collaborate on purchase decisions using the App Approval workflow. Use customizable dashboards to give each stakeholder exactly the information they need without any noise.

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Streamline budget approvals and app reviews

Ensure your investments comply with your security standards and use at-a-glance icons to easily see those that don’t. Quickly access third-party app reviews, and leverage 3rd party badges to improve application vetting (via 1EdTech and Student Data Privacy Consortium [(SDPC]), all with Lightspeed Digital Insight.

Eliminate overspend for bigger impact

Lightspeed Digital Insight is the only tool that gives districts visibility into all applications in use across all operating systems, even those not approved for use. With complete visibility, you can identify redundant apps for consolidation. Save time and streamline the license management process by accessing real-time updates into which licenses are active, expiring, or needing review with Lightspeed Digital Insight.

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