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Lightspeed Digital Insight™

Ensure Equitable Connectivity for All Students

Unlock visibility into student connectivity and device health

As part of Lightspeed Digital Insight, the Lightspeed Digital Equity™ Module unlocks visibility into students’ internet access and device health outside of school with robust, real-time data schools can’t find anywhere else. Proactively identify students with poor or no internet access at scale to save time troubleshooting, maximise the impact of digital learning, and empower all students to succeed.

  • Eliminate manual effort and uncertainty by accessing a full picture of students’ internet experience and device health in one platform.
  • Easily assess students’ unique needs with proprietary internet speed testing, device health data, and more.
  • Improve planning and investment decisions to support more students by providing an accurate picture of district-wide internet access issues.
  • Grow the impact of your digital learning ecosystem by ensuring students can access robust applications when off campus.

Get an overview of digital equity across the school or multi-academy trust

The Internet Access Report provides a quick school snapshot of students with poor or no internet access in the last seven days. Customise what constitutes “poor internet access” for your school and easily access user-level details like internet speed, connectivity status, service provider, current location (in or out of school), school building, and year group.

Streamline internet and device troubleshooting

Eliminate the manual effort and uncertainty that comes with relying on ISP data, student self-reporting, and annual parent surveys. With the User Profile, access detailed device and internet access information, including device type, OS, connectivity status, speed, service provider, and more.

Drive large-scale solutions and strategic investments

Easily identify and communicate large-scale solution needs such as hotspot deployments and community center partnerships with the Internet Access Map, a neighborhood-level heatmap displaying geographical areas with low connectivity status. View insights on service providers, device OS, and more.

The YouTube controls are fantastic, giving my teachers and students access to the educationally focused content they need for learning while keeping them safe on the platform.

Brian MerrillEducation Technology Analyst

It was amazing to me how quickly—within one to two days of having conversations—that we were able to get this up and running (for over 100,000 students) and set up on multiple platforms.

Lightspeed Filter worked well yesterday. It helped a lot on our first day of eLearning. Thank you for providing a good product and great support.

Valerie PontiusSystems Engineer

We needed insight into where all these Chromebooks are going, what apps students are using, how long they are on them … All these things have become really important for us to analyze and make good decisions to ensure we are getting a return on investment for the software.

Jim FarmerChief Technology Officer

It was amazing to me how quickly—within one to two days of having conversations—that we were able to get this up and running and set up on multiple platforms.

Dr. Tina BarriosAssistant Superintendent of Information Systems and Technology

Close the digital divide at your school

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