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Lightspeed Filter™

Protect Students from Harmful Web Content Anywhere They Are Learning

Create a secure learning environment with the most effective, multilayered content filter for education

Your First Line of Defense Against Threats

Get flexibility and control to promote learning and exploration with our pioneer web content filter:

  • Scale with our cloud-hosted, device-level patented technology without increasing costs or compromising on performance.
  • Get consistent coverage and reporting for all OSes, popular devices, and web browsers.
  • Manage customisable internet content filter policies for all users, on and off site, including BYOD and IoT.
  • Prevent access to millions of inappropriate sites, images, and videos faster and more accurately with the most extensive AI database.

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Get more than KCSIE Compliance

Implement simple out-of-the-box KCSIE compliance, or build comprehensive policies based on existing roster groups to selectively allow or block web content and set parameters for safe search, read-only social media, unknown content, and more.

Lightspeed conducted a study assessing online compliance, Lightspeed Filter was the only web content blocker solution to successfully block 100% of pornographic content. The other internet content filters allowed up to 60% of harmful content through.

Get precise web browser filtering for schools

Lightspeed Filter’s AI and in-house data scientists sort hundreds of thousands of websites into over 100 categories daily, differentiating types of sites such as adult gaming versus educational gaming, promoting a safe digital learning experience.

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Enable rapid-decision making

Get MAT, school, and user-focused dashboards and reports. Get instant visibility of all student and staff on-device usage, including top websites, apps, blocks, searches, and more.

22 million students currently protected.

Promote safe YouTube access

Our AI categorisation has crawled over 187 million YouTube videos to ensure only educational content is available when Lightspeed SmartPlay™ is on. Plus, hide embedded videos, thumbnails, featured videos, sidebars, and comments with just one click.

187 million YouTube videos categorised.

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Equip parents with visibility and control

The Lightspeed Parent Portal™ empowers parents and guardians with insights into their child’s internet usage on school devices and provides controls to manage digital activity and screen time at home. Schools can selectively give guardians the ability to temporarily pause web browsing, restrict access to YouTube and social media, and access detailed reporting.

Easily troubleshoot with live user web activity

Get real-time user web activity reporting to quickly manage policy updates during setup or when solving troubleshooting support tickets by easily pinpointing issues, testing, and validating changes for multiple users–instantly.

Lightspeed Filter™ FAQs

With our cloud integrations and upgraded agents, online activity on iOS/iPads is captured and filtered, including education apps, Google searches, and web browsing.

School admins can be added to receive alert notifications through the Alert product interface. This will be configured during implementation and can be updated at any time.

Lightspeed Filter reports work across all operating systems, including iOS. Our network agent is able to capture data for IoT, BYOD devices. Reports available include an Internet Overview, Web Activity Log, and custom User Reporting.

  • Internet overview: How is your internet bandwidth being used? Key websites that you want to have monitored can be added to this report for custom tracking.
  • Web activity log: Raw data for a specific set of criteria. These reports are useful for IT teams to look at device-level information by user, serial number, location, traffic from a particular site, and more.
  • User reporting: The most-used report among our customers, this report allows access to granular data on a single, specific user’s online activity in a shareable, easy-to-read format.

Lightspeed Parent Portal includes Weekly Parent Report emails to improve communication between the school and the students’ home. Lightspeed Filter customers can invite parents to view their child’s internet activity, straight to their inbox. Lightspeed Parent Portal empowers a students’ family to get involved in their education without extra work for IT teams.

Lightspeed SmartPlay uses advanced machine-learning AI – with a database that grows daily – for advanced filtering capabilities on YouTube. No matter where students are located, SmartPlay allows and blocks embedded video content around the internet to ensure only appropriate content is being shown. SmartPlay is available to Lightspeed Filter users, and offers detailed reporting and control options for educators.

Lightspeed Filter uses proprietary SmartAgents compatible on Chrome, Windows, Mac (compatible with the latest Mac OS update: Ventura), and iOS operating systems.

Lightspeed Filter™

All the tools your school needs for safe digital learning

Easy SSL decryption

Provide multi-OS SSL decryption without the need to configure proxies, PACs, or trust certificates. Lightspeed SmartAgents™ put the power of a filter inside each device.

Admin roles

Delegate responsibility to educators and staff without granting them full administrative access. Set read and write controls for policies, reports, and student data based on individuals or groups.

Cloud DNS filter

Get your networks filtered and KCSIE compliant in less than 60 seconds without setting up agents or appliances at no additional cost.

Flexible policy management

Locate and manage group policies with quick search functionality, breadcrumb navigation, and granular group filtering.

Fast roster syncing

Simultaneously sync any combination of student information systems (SIS) and directory services to one centralised place with Lightspeed SmartSync™ technology.

Inside out protection

Prevent users from accessing harmful content by triggering internet lockouts and leveraging seven cybersecurity focused categories to block risky web activity faster. Stay on top of the latest threats with our integration to industry protection lists like Phishtank, MI6, and IWF.

Granular gaming, streaming and social media controls

Allow, web content, block web content, or enable read-only for different groups and keep up with the latest distractions on Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Twitch, and more.

Lifetime data storage

Get access to 90 days of searchable data history and lifetime data retention.

Lightspeed Systems is a committed ally to schools around the world.

The YouTube controls are fantastic, giving my teachers and students access to the educationally focused content they need for learning while keeping them safe on the platform.

Brian MerrillEducation Technology Analyst

It was amazing to me how quickly—within one to two days of having conversations—that we were able to get this up and running (for over 100,000 students) and set up on multiple platforms.

Lightspeed Filter worked well yesterday. It helped a lot on our first day of eLearning. Thank you for providing a good product and great support.

Valerie PontiusSystems Engineer

We needed insight into where all these Chromebooks are going, what apps students are using, how long they are on them … All these things have become really important for us to analyze and make good decisions to ensure we are getting a return on investment for the software.

Jim FarmerChief Technology Officer

It was amazing to me how quickly—within one to two days of having conversations—that we were able to get this up and running and set up on multiple platforms.

Dr. Tina BarriosAssistant Superintendent of Information Systems and Technology

Committed to Student Safety Lightspeed Systems® Is a Proud Partner