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Device Location Services

Protect your investment with critical tools for lost or stolen device recovery.

Recover your lost or stolen devices

Lost or stolen devices cost schools thousands of dollars a year. Lightspeed Systems® can help to locate those devices so schools maximize the ROI of their technology investment. It’s an integrated part of the Lightspeed products suite, so an additional service (and cost) isn’t required.

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Pinpoint device location

Easily locate lost or stolen devices with a zoom-able map, last known IP, and other information critical to recovery.

Lock down lost/stolen devices

Keep lost or stolen devices secure, and prevent their use, by locking them down from the dashboard. The ability to control your devices’ security remotely ensures your students’ data is protected.

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Maximize ROI

You’ve spent a lot of money to purchase your devices and give them to students; maximize that ROI through recovery tools for lost and stolen devices.

Chromebook, iPad, Mac, Windows location

The Lightspeed platform provides multi-OS device location on Chromebook, Mac, iOS, and Windows devices.

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Hierarchical Management

Simplify management across an organization by combining high-level oversight with tier-based management, all built on a system that ensures access and data privacy controls with designated delegated administrator roles.

24/7 Geo-Location

Easily view the location for a device or group of devices to manage high-risk or high-priority resources—24/7, anytime and anywhere.

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Maximize ROI from lost or stolen devices without an additional service.