Lightspeed Systems® with Mac

Lightspeed Systems solutions uniquely work across all devices and operating systems, including Mac devices, and integrates with Apple tools to create a powerful solution for school technology programs.

Lightspeed’s simple interface is easy to navigate and administrate. The reporting functionality gives you all the data you’d need at the click of a button and it ties in seamlessly with Apple’s VPP program for app deployment.

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Protect students on Mac devices

Lightspeed Filter™ is easily deployed to all your Mac devices. Provide safe, reliable student learning with out-of-the-box filtering on- and off-campus, complete with easy SSL decryption and backed by the most comprehensive K-12 filtering database. Get added protection from Lightspeed Alert™ to help in the prevention of self-harm, violence, and suicide with real-time alerts.

Enhance online learning effectiveness

Lightspeed Classroom Management™ works with your Mac devices to boost teacher effectiveness and student engagement to accelerate learning through more engaging, connected online instruction—both in-person or remotely. Empower teachers with online learning tools to keep students focused anywhere they’re learning.

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Protect your device investment

Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™ helps in critical device recovery. Pinpoint the geolocation of lost or stolen devices on the map with last known IP and other critical information to recover lost or stolen devices. Devices found in the wrong hands can be locked from use and secured to protect your investment.

Centrally manage apps and devices

Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™ makes ongoing management of Mac devices in a school setting simple. Utilize enterprise-level device and app management to easily push or provide access to apps from the App Store and manage device policies remotely.

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Integrate with Apple programs

As an Apple Certified Partner, Lightspeed Mobile Device Management integrates with the Apple App Store and bulk distribution systems so it’s easy to manage all your app licenses.

Lightspeed Systems has everything you need to simplify and protect your Mac deployment:

Over-the-air mass deployment | Remote wipe | Seamless SSL decryption for filtering and reports | Advanced monitoring and protection