Lightspeed vs. Alternatives

How do we stack up against our competitors?

With 25 years in the edtech industry, Lightspeed’s unparalleled expertise in K-12 has helped us develop the most up-to-date enterprise-class software that is easy to implement and even easier to use. Everything your district needs to ensure the safest, most effective online learning experience possible is available in an integrated portfolio, with a single place to sync rosters/users, one spot to manage multiple needs, and one point of contact to support you throughout your Lightspeed experience.

Lightspeed Systems vs GoGuardian Admin, Teacher, and Beacon

Lightspeed Systems provides superior web filtering, classroom management, safety coverage, edtech analytics, and device-level support with a dedicated customer success team for smooth implementation…

Lightspeed Systems vs Gaggle Safety Management, Therapy, and SpeakUp

See how Lightspeed Alert’s comprehensive approach to student safety stacks up against Gaggle with broader device-level monitoring capabilities at a lower cost, no hidden setup fees or add-ons.

Lightspeed Systems vs Linewize Web Filter, Classroom, and Monitor

Lightspeed Systems’ comprehensive, interoperable solutions offer superior scalability and performance against Linewize’s product suite.

Lightspeed Systems vs Securly Filter, Classroom, Reveal, and Auditor

Lightspeed Systems offers superior web filtering, classroom management, student safety features, and analytics across all OS platforms, surpassing Securly's Chrome-focused solutions for a better…