See How Lightspeed Systems® Compares Lightspeed Systems vs. Gaggle

How do we stack up against Gaggle?

The industry leader in safety and security for K12, Lightspeed provides a robust, interoperable and comprehensive solution not offered by Gaggle. Lightspeed Alert, combined with Lightspeed Filter, provides superior visibility to Gaggle Safety Management, with broader monitoring capabilities and features, without hidden setup fees or add-ons. Device-level agents scan all student device activity on Microsoft and Google extensions, desktop applications, and websites, not limited to specific browsers or platforms like Gaggle. Lightspeed augments school staff with an expert in-house team of safety specialists trained in nuanced threat assessment available 24/7/365.

Lightspeed Alert vs. Gaggle Safety Management

Scannable Applications​ Lightspeed Alert Gaggle Safety Management
Browser activity tracking​ Yes Contracted with third party
Canvas LMS​ Via Browser Yes (setup + ​per student fee)​
Any search bar (including Google) Yes No
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok)​ Yes No
All web activity (Discord, chats, coding sites, apps) Yes No
Google Drive:

Shared files in Google Drive​

Yes Yes

Google Docs​

Yes Yes

Google Sheets​

Yes Yes

Google Slides​

Yes Yes

Links to websites

Yes Yes

Email message/subject line​

Yes Yes

Links to websites​

Yes Yes
Google Chat (Hangouts)​ Yes Yes (added fee)
Google Calendar​ Yes Yes
Microsoft 365 (app/browser): (added fees)​

Microsoft Outlook email message/ subject line

Yes (online and desktop)​ Yes (online document only)

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Yes (online and desktop)​ Yes (online document only)​

Links to websites​

Yes Yes

Shared files from One Drive

Yes Yes
Microsoft Teams (app/browser) Yes Yes (added fee)
Human Review​ Yes (in-house) Yes (contracted support)

Lightspeed Filter vs. Gaggle Web Filter

Feature Lightspeed Filter Gaggle Web Filter
Browser activity tracking​ Yes Yes
App, browser, and document filtering on Windows Yes No
App, browser, and document filtering on Mac Yes No
App, browser, and document filtering on iOS Yes No
Ability to filter all devices on your Network (including BYOD, iOT, other) Yes No
Comprehensive database built on 25 years of web crawling history Yes No
Database categories for accurate access to resources 130+ 10
Parental visibility tools (Parent Portal) Yes No
Social Media controls Yes No
After School Rules Yes No