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About Lightspeed Systems®

For twenty years we’ve been on a mission to keep students safe and make school technology more effective. We’re especially proud to be delivering on that mission now, when schools need innovative solutions and trusted partners more than ever. Technology changes and classrooms change, but our commitment to our customers remains unflinching. 

Brian Thomas

Lightspeed Systems

Who We Are

At Lightspeed Systems, we are dedicated to supporting K-12 online education. Our narrow market focus has allowed us to design innovative solutions that fit the specific and growing needs of school districts. Over the years, we have evolved with you.

Our unparalleled expertise in K-12 has helped us develop the most up-to-date enterprise-class software that is easy to implement and even easier to use. And we can flexibly scale to meet customer requirements as the number of schools, students, devices, and software demands increase.

Lightspeed products filter student and staff internet access, look for warning signs in student online activity, manage software across every district device, and give administrators the data they need to make effective decisions about the quality and efficiency of their students’ online educational experience.

Lightspeed Systems is a trusted partner to tens of thousands of schools. Let us show you why. 

Online Safety for All students

The Team Driving our Mission

headshot of Brian Thomas CEO of Lightspeed Systems
Brian Thomas

President & CEO

Eileen Shihadeh CMO of Lightspeed Systems
Eileen Shihadeh

Chief Marketing Officer

headshot of Kirk Orgeldinger CFO of Lightspeed Systems
Kirk Orgeldinger


Our History

Lightspeed Systems has served schools and kept students safe online for more than 20 years. Our mission—to advance educational effectiveness and safety for every student—serves as our daily roadmap.

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