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Brian Thomas is the President and CEO of Lightspeed Systems. Thomas is a leader in the edtech industry with 20+ years at Lightspeed Systems keeping students safe and academically supported.

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Little girl holding palms up to defend herself, the words 'stop' and 'bullying' written on her palms.
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New Anti-Bullying Partnership Offers New Resources for Lightspeed Clients

Bullying is a top concern for both parents and students. About a third of U.S. At the same time, about half of U.S.

Image of student wearing headphones and working on a notebook computer. Skill sets for school IT.
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Multiple Skill Sets Required for School District IT Leadership

At the recent two-day 2024 District Advisory Council meeting in Austin, Texas, a group of Lightspeed Systems customers gathered to talk about the highest-priority challenges they face, along…

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How-to Action Plans to Navigate Developing K-12 Education Trends

Educators are quite familiar with overcoming challenges, as the last four years have presented more disruption to school districts than at any time in recent history.

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How to Navigate Developing Education Trends in 2023

Get ahead of the challenges facing school districts in 2023 by monitoring trends that will affect your district.