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Product Advisor to the CEO

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Brook Bock, Chief Product Officer, leads Lightspeed’s product strategy and growth, ensuring educators and school staff are set up to succeed in keeping their students safe and enhancing learning outcomes.

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Lightspeed Systems product roadmap 2024
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Lightspeed Systems Product Roadmap Webinar: What’s Next in 2024

2024 marks the 25th anniversary of Lightspeed Systems serving the K-12 education market.

AI chip graphic - featured
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5 Ways to Support AI Policy Decisions with Lightspeed Systems

Generative AI has been the hottest of K-12 education topics for most of the past year, and most districts are in the process of making AI policy decisions to navigate the perceived tumultuous waters…

Laptop with code screenshots
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How Schools Currently Integrate Generative AI into Classrooms

Over the past year, no topic has been more discussed among K-12 educators than artificial intelligence (AI) and, in particular, generative AI in education.

Generative AI featured image
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Generative AI’s Potential to Inflate the Digital Divide

While not new, generative AI (artificial intelligence) has rapidly ascended to the top of the K-12 education scene this year, creating fervor amongst a community with much to resolve…