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5 Ways to Support AI Policy Decisions with Lightspeed Systems

Generative AI has been the hottest of K-12 education topics for most of the past year, and most districts are in the process of making AI policy decisions to navigate the perceived tumultuous waters of artificial intelligence. So, what is next, what tools do you have at your fingertips to inform and support AI policy decisions and appropriate use?

Cross-functional collaboration within a district is necessary to ensure the safe, effective, and ethical use of AI in learning, as each department has its own perspective or lens from which it considers AI.

    • Information Technology’s focus is security, staying ahead of emergent trends, including AI, to safeguard the network, protect students, teachers, and staff, and enforce data privacy policies. They require easy—preferably automated—categorization of AI sites, and advanced reporting.

    • Curriculum Design & Instruction considers where AI can effectively be integrated into teaching to make learning more dynamic, as well as creating teacher efficiencies, like easing teacher planning tasks, for instance. They require advanced usage reporting to understand how, when, and where students use AI to determine policy, technology, and professional development needs.

    • Teachers are concerned about academic integrity and whether students comprehend lessons when they misrepresent their work by using AI tools inappropriately. They need the ability to detect AI use during class time, as well as homework submissions to ensure effective and appropriate use of AI apps.

At Lightspeed Systems, we work with clients to understand their needs around AI detection and management, quickly innovating across our entire product suite to ensure all relevant stakeholders have what they need at their fingertips to inform AI policy decisions and ongoing management.

Below, please discover the Lightspeed Systems tools you have available to you today.

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Manage and Report on AI Usage in School 

Lightspeed Filter™ allows for the easy management and reporting of AI sites with the following:

1—Filtering Categories provide granular control of generative AI resources, while still granting access to valuable AI-powered detection tools. Easily manage access to AI sites with three categories—Artificial Intelligence, AI-Generative, and AI-Detective—providing flexibility and control to comply with curriculum-directed policies on access.

2—Suspicious AI Search Report quickly identifies both allowed and blocked searches related to suspicious use of generative AI applications. Keep your attention on AI-related search queries, inform administration, and support district decision-making as AI technology evolves.

3—AI Activity Reporting means network administrators can quickly review AI activity by group and user level with AI activity reporting. With relevant data visible, quickly understand AI site requests and visits to inform your decisions.

Understand AI Usage in Schools and Manage AI Policy Decisions 

Lightspeed Digital Insight™ empowers school districts to better understand AI application use and more effectively manage AI and privacy policies with the following tools:

4—AI App Usage Reporting provides the data necessary for your team to understand which AI apps are used, at what sites, and at what grade levels. Gain visibility into over 140 AI applications potentially in use in your district, who is using them, and for how long. Quickly ascertain if AI app usage is increasing and use this as a guide for professional development and curricular collaboration and planning.

5—AI App Data Privacy Review helps districts save time evaluating if generative AI apps comply with your data privacy policies. Importantly, as those policies change, you are immediately notified so you can determine if any necessary steps to block or otherwise prohibit access are necessary.


Right now, many districts are only beginning to discuss creation of AI Use policies, but its full adoption in education, by educators and learners alike, is inevitable.

As the use of generative AI and other enabling technologies continue to evolve, Lightspeed Systems will be alongside you, delivering state-of-the-art edtech products that will keep your district, educators, students, and parents safe, secure, equitable and focused on learning.