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Classroom Management Software and its Importance in Digital Learning

Technology's growing role in K-12

Technology plays a growing role at K-12 school districts as digital learning becomes the standard. As enabling classroom management technologies help students learn, they also empower teachers to better facilitate improved student learning outcomes.

Classroom management software has risen to empower teachers, and classroom management solutions come with two major benefits. First, they enable more effective instructional delivery in a digital learning environment, helping teachers better engage students. Secondly, but equally as important, classroom management software helps teachers instruct more efficiently, freeing themselves from their desks and devices so they can spend more time educating and less time managing administrative trivia.

This post will outline classroom management technology and software, its uses and benefits, and how it can be implemented throughout your school district below.

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What is classroom management technology software? 

Classroom management technology is a tool that empowers and expands student learning and educator teaching via digital platforms. This technology gives teachers the ability to view, monitor, and control their students’ digital learning and technology device activity. Software solutions for classroom management deliver teachers and other faculty a centralized view of students’ device screens and the ability to close unrelated tabs or take similar actions.

Best-in-class classroom management software provides screen monitoring capabilities that allow teachers to both view a single student’s full screen or view the entire class at once.

Why do schools need classroom management software?

Connected notebook computers and tablets are increasingly the norm for students in all grade levels. Used properly, those technology devices can be enormously beneficial to student learning. Unfortunately, the same technology in the classroom can also encourage distractions, and cause students to veer off track.

Classroom management solutions like Lightspeed Classroom Management™ use smart analytics tools to direct teachers’ attention to unusual browsing activities, notifying them in real time whenever students wander off track with distractions or otherwise might need assistance. Teachers who use classroom management software help students stay focused on the current lesson or assignment by managing device use.

What are the benefits of classroom management software?

Classroom management solutions afford teachers, students, and school districts many benefits, including the following:

  • Increased student engagement and structured learning, with students focused on specific lessons and activities rather than off-topic distractions.
  • Personalized teacher-to-student communication, with teachers messaging students directly and privately.
  • Expanded collaboration among students and with teachers, with capabilities to both share screens and hyperlinks.
  • Secured testing, where teachers can close browser tabs, lock screens or even lock entire devices during examinations.
  • Improved student support in remote learning settings, with “hand-raising” features that alert teachers to students in need of assistance.
  • Increased efficiency for teachers and staff with the reduction of tedious and mundane administrative tasks, like building quizzes and tests, and posting grades.
  • Seamless integration with existing classroom technology like Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.
  • Expanded visibility into how school-issued and BYOD (bring your own device) devices are being used, helping teachers, administrators, and IT professionals to continuously improve upon digital learning.

How are classroom management software solutions implemented?

Schools ordinarily implement classroom management solutions at the district level as a centralized solution to simplify and streamline IT administration. Frequently, classroom management software is layered with other essential edtech solutions like a web content filter. Together, the two solutions provide in-depth insights into both student activity and device security.

Lightspeed System offers Lightspeed Classroom Management as both a standalone classroom management solution as well as a seamlessly integrated solution into an edtech platform with Lightspeed Filter™, Lightspeed Alert™, and Lightspeed Digitial Insight™.

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