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Ray Hartjen is the Content Marketing Director at Lightspeed Systems, where he facilitates two-way dialogue on K-12 Education and EdTech with educators and Education leaders. Connect with Ray on both Twitter & LinkedIn.

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Hands, united in collaboration. Building collaboration between IT and teachers.
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Building Collaboration Between IT and Teachers

With today’s digital learning environment pervasive at all levels of K-12 education, effective edtech usage is paramount to deliver desired student learning outcomes.

Image of teacher and elementary students collaborating in the classroom
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2024 National Educational Technology Plan Highlights Edtech Inequities

In late January, the U.S. Department of Education released its newly revised 2024 National Educational Technology Plan (NETP), and its main talking points centered on inequities.

Lightspeed Systems product roadmap 2024
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Lightspeed Systems Product Roadmap Webinar: What’s Next in 2024

2024 marks the 25th anniversary of Lightspeed Systems serving the K-12 education market.

K-12 Cybersecurity kids at computers in classroom
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Stats to Build Your K-12 Cybersecurity Funding Narrative

As school districts begin to set budget parameters for the coming year, K-12 cybersecurity funding remains highly important.

Boost Cybersecurity
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What Teachers and Staff Should Know About Cybersecurity

In a school day when there never seems to be enough time, teachers often overlook their roles in cybersecurity.

Better classroom management software
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10 Top Teacher Time-Saving Features of Lightspeed Classroom Management™

Classroom management software empowers teachers, offering two primary benefits.

AI chip graphic - featured
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5 Ways to Support AI Policy Decisions with Lightspeed Systems

Generative AI has been the hottest of K-12 education topics for most of the past year, and most districts are in the process of making AI policy decisions to navigate the perceived tumultuous waters…

Teacher helping student at desk
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Classroom Management Software and its Importance in Digital Learning

Technology plays a growing role at K-12 school districts as digital learning becomes the standard.

State of bullying featured
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7 Time-Saving AI Applications for Teachers

Laptop with code screenshots
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How Schools Currently Integrate Generative AI into Classrooms

Over the past year, no topic has been more discussed among K-12 educators than artificial intelligence (AI) and, in particular, generative AI in education.

Confronting today's student mental health crisis
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Webinar Review: Confronting the New Reality of Todays Student Mental Health Crisis

What is your school district’s biggest student safety and wellness challenge?Is it staffing and resource shortages? District liability concerns? Together.” campaign.

Girl with sad face sitting on stairs with books on her lap
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Webinar Review: Confronting the New Reality of Today’s Student Mental Health Crisis

What is your school district’s biggest student mental health and well-being challenge? 

Generative AI featured image
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Generative AI’s Potential to Inflate the Digital Divide

While not new, generative AI (artificial intelligence) has rapidly ascended to the top of the K-12 education scene this year, creating fervor amongst a community with much to resolve…

Easytech Podcast featured image
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Internet Connectivity & Its Impact on Closing the Digital Divide

An important issue in today’s digital learning-fueled K-12 educational environment is the concept of digital equity and closing the digital divide.

ThriveinEDU podcast featured
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Digital Equity & Ensuring All Students Succeed

Technology-enabled education has been on an upward trend for well over a decade. The global COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated the adoption by school districts across the entire K-12 spectrum.

Generative AI microchop featured
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What is Generative AI and Why is it Important to Educators?

While sometimes feared, technology is often a perfect match for us humans. Technology, of course, is dependent on humans creating it.