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7 Time-Saving AI Applications for Teachers

AI applications for teachers

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been the hottest topic among educators over the past year since ChatGPT made its mainstream debut last November. Much of the discussion, however, has been one-sided, focused on generative AI’s abilities to enhance student learning outcomes.

But AI offers so much more for educators, including the ability to save precious resources, the most precious of all which might be teachers’ time. And in an effort to save that precious time, let’s get straight to the point and introduce you to seven time-saving AI tools that will make teachers more efficient (and maybe more effective, too).

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Time-saving AI tools to help teachers

MagicSchool for Planning Lessons

Need a complete lesson plan written but are pushed for time? Give MagicSchool a shot. This time-saving AI app was created to help teachers by assisting them as they complete assessments, create individualized education programs (IEPs) for students, communicate with administration, faculty, parents, and students, and much more.

Canva for Building Presentations

Canva’s built-in AI can lay the foundation for an engaging slideshow presentation. It won’t be a polished, final presentation—that’s for you to fine-tune. However, it will give you a solid head start and save you time. As an added bonus, Canva’s Magic Write feature can draft initial word copy for posts, emails, and other written communications.

Conker for Creating Quizzes and Exams

Want a ten-question quiz on ‘Tippecanoe and Tyler Too’ and the 1840 U.S. Presidential election for your eighth-grade History class? Put Conker on the task by using a simple prompt. Outputs can include a variety of question types, and you can seamlessly export into Google Forms, if that’s your thing. Additionally, explore Conker’s inventory of thousands of ready-made, K-12 standards-aligned assessments

Flint for Developing Classroom Activities

Flint is an AI platform built specifically for K-12 schools, and unlike tools like ChatGPT, it does not use student chat data to train its generative AI model. Use Flint’s prompts to develop classroom activities, complete with handouts and take-home materials.

Runway for Producing Engaging Video Content

As a writer, it pains me to state the following: Nothing engages like a good video. It’s true, you know. However, producing a good video can take a lot of time, particularly if you must complete a production shoot. Runway allows you to synthesize new videos with nothing but text. As Runway states, “No lights. No camera. All action.”

Brisk Teaching for Grading and Delivering Feedback

Brisk Teaching is a free AI Chrome extension that integrates directly with your tools like Google Docs. A cool feature allows you to change the reading level of any webpage. To save time, consider Brisk Teaching’s Targeted Feedback feature, where you can quickly draft specific, in-line, and standards-aligned student feedback

Animated Drawings for Blowing Your Young Art Students’ Mind 

Okay, so this one probably doesn’t qualify as a time-saving AI app. Rather, it just makes teachers more super cool than they already are. Presented by Meta AI Research, Animated Drawings takes an uploaded drawing as input and then delivers an animated output. It’s great for teachers, but absolutely incredible for young learners!


Generative AI tools are changing the way the world works—literally. And that includes, of course, K-12 education. However, AI tools are not just for learning. AI applications for teachers already exist that help them save time and allow them to focus more energy on what they both enjoy doing most and do well, and that’s teaching students. Plus, the tools are evolving and getting better. Take a look at the tools above and reap the benefits of time-saving efficiencies!