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Internet Connectivity & Its Impact on Closing the Digital Divide

An important issue in today’s digital learning-fueled K-12 educational environment is the concept of digital equity and closing the digital divide. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), whose Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel coined the phrase “the homework gap,” nearly 17 million schoolchildren are without internet access at home.

Digital equity and closing the digital divide have risen to become a top priority for school district administrators across the country. Recently, Dr. Monica Burns visited with Brook Bock, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Lightspeed Systems, for an ISTE Spotlight episode of her acclaimed podcast series, Easy EdTech.

In the episode, “How Internet Connectivity Impacts Digital Equity,” they talk ensuring equitable internet connectivity for every student. Listeners will also hear about practical methods to collect information on connectivity challenges faced by students at home and how to address digital equity issues at the school and school district levels.

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About the Digital Equity Module

As part of Lightspeed Digital Insight, the Digital Equity module unlocks visibility into students’ internet access and device health outside of school with robust, real-time data districts can’t find anywhere else. Proactively identify students with poor or no internet access at scale to save time troubleshooting, maximize the impact of digital learning, and empower all students to succeed.