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Lightspeed Systems® with Google Chromebook

Lightspeed Systems solutions work with any operating system, including Chrome, the leading K-12 OS, and are compatible with the entire Google Workspace for seamless integrations across your online instructional programs.
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Protect students on Chromebooks​

Lightspeed Filter is easily deployed to all your Chromebooks and other devices. Leverage the most comprehensive K-12 filtering database and easy SSL decryption for safe, reliable, and scalable online learning. Get added protection from Lightspeed Alert™ to help in the prevention of self-harm, school violence, and suicide.

Boost online learning effectiveness​

Lightspeed Classroom Management™ integrates users from your Google Classroom classes. Boost online learning effectiveness with powerful tools to manage online learning and keep students engaged. With live screen views, customizable web rules, link sharing, and more, teachers can keep students focused from anywhere.

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Protect your Chromebook investment​

Lightspeed Systems is critical in the recovery of lost or stolen devices. Pinpoint the geolocation of lost or stolen Chromebooks on the map, with last known IP and other critical information for device recovery. Devices found in the wrong hands can be locked from use and secured to best protect your device investment.

Get visibility into Google Workspace activity​

With Lightspeed Analytics™, actionable, detailed reports on Chrome device usage, including the entire Google Workspace and extensions, provide the visibility need to make informed decisions in order to drive adoption, maintain data security, and increase ROI of resources.

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Easy integrations with Google tools​

Lightspeed Systems makes deployments easy with integrations with Google Workspace and Google Classroom for user and group syncs. Integrations extend Lightspeed Filter and Lightspeed Alert capabilities to protect students using Google docs, Gmail, and Google Search.

Plus, Lightspeed Systems has everything you need to simplify and protect your Chromebook deployment:​

  • Over-the-air mass deployment
  • Protection and monitoring across all Google services (Docs, Mail, Search, and more)