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School and Student Safety
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Keep students safe online with the Lightspeed Systems® Solution Suite.

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Lightspeed Alert™

With real-time scanning and integration with Microsoft Teams, Lightspeed Alert gives IT teams and school leaders visibility into potential dangerous or harmful student online behavior. Protect students from cyberbullying, self-harm, and school violence, and intervene at the first warning sign with Lightspeed Alert.

Prevent Suicides, Cyberbullying, and School Violence

Real-time warning signs

Lightspeed Alert™ is a critical component in student safety plans and the prevention of self-harm, suicide, and school violence. District administrators and their delegates are notified instantly of threats and can intervene before an incident occurs. 

Visibility for today's learning environments

Lightspeed Alert uses patented, advanced AI to monitor, interpret, and flag warning signs in email copy, Google docs, social media posts, web searches, Microsoft® Teams and Meetings chat, nearly everywhere students are interacting online.

Understand the risks

With Lightspeed Alert, gain insight into students’ mental wellness. Activity logs provide visibility into online activity before and after a flagged event for effective response and interventions. 

Build a safer community

Lightspeed Alert gets the right information to the right people at the right time. Designate the appropriate personnel to receive alerts, from safety officers to counselors to principals. Analyze and share safety trend data to recognize and check in with at-risk students and develop effective mental health programs.

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Keep students safe in Microsoft® Teams

Prevent suicide, cyberbullying, self-harm, and school violence with real-time alerts that flag Microsoft Teams content when there are signs of potential threats. IT teams and district leaders gain real-time scanning and detection from Lightspeed Alert to aid in the intervention of dangerous or harmful student online behavior in Teams chat, documents, and files.

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A holistic approach to student safety with alerts for self-harm, bullying, and school violence.

Comprehensive Protection

Get critical alerts across the internet—social media, online docs, email, YouTube, apps, browsers, search engines, and more—no matter where devices are used.

Advanced AI

Leverage our advanced filtering AI to get the information you need without false positives and missed activity common in other solutions.

Integration with Microsoft

Partnered with Microsoft Education, Lightspeed Alert is able to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft suite, including Microsoft® Teams.


Set alerts and notifications based on school, class, or user.

Powerful Features

Lightspeed Systems® is a committed ally to schools around the world.

Lightspeed Alert has been an asset to our district from day one. It has alerted us to issues we didn’t know our students had, and has made a difference in those students’ lives.

Nicole Allien

Caddo Parish Public Schools,
Instructional Technologist

Ensure student online safety and learning effectiveness with Lightspeed Systems® and Microsoft® Teams

Case Study

Students' Lives Saved with Lightspeed Alert™

It can be easy to miss the early warning signs of self-harm or suicide contemplation, even more so when teachers aren’t able to see their students due to shutdowns caused by COVID-19. Learn how a 38,000-student district in Louisiana uses Lightspeed Alert to save students’ lives.

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