Lightspeed provides an integrated solution for mobile management, safety, and classroom management.

Web Filter


Students and districts protected with content filtering

Learning requires access to the web, and we make sure that access is safe and appropriate. Our scalable Web Filter solution ensures compliance, student safety, flexible policies, reporting, and access to valuable web resources—without overblocking.

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Mobile Manager


Taking learning anywhere anytime on your mobile device

This comprehensive MDM solution makes it easy to roll out, manage, and safely utilize mobile devices for learning. It provides cloud-based management of devices, learning. It provides cloud-based management of devices, including app pushing, feature control, and reporting.

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Classroom Orchestrator


Keep kids on task with tools designed for teachers

Mobile devices in the classroom can engage students in learning like never before, but with a full class, monitoring that many devices can be a real challenge. With a view into student screens, Classroom Orchestrator solves those challenges, empowering teachers to keep students engaged and on-task.

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With the Lightspeed Dashboard, IT can balance management with Teachers for seamless classroom device management.

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