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6 Ways To Manage Social Media and Streaming Platforms Your Way

Here are 6 ways we put the power in your hands

Get the flexibility your district needs to manage social media and streaming platforms with Lightspeed Filter ™, making them a safe and reliable resource for learning and instruction. Whether you need to allow, block, or enable read-only for different groups, Lightspeed Filter gives you granular controls to customize access and keep up with the latest distractions no matter where students are learning.

social media groups

1. Customize access to social media

Get out-of-the-box policy settings that ensure apps like TikTok, Instagram, and Spotify aren’t accessible.

cut the comments and sidebars

2. Cut the comments and sidebars

Hide YouTube video thumbnails, sidebar, related videos, and comment sections with just one click.

YouTube screenshot

3. Millions of educational videos in a click

Leverage SmartPlay to only allow educational videos on YouTube and block inappropriate embedded content on other sites. Our proprietary AI categorization has crawled over 184 million YouTube videos to date.

customizable lists

4. Customizable lists for learning

Block YouTube Shorts by quickly creating a custom block list using *.youtube.com/hashtag/shorts/*.

social site usage

5. Decide how sites are used

Turn on read-only mode for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

after school access

6. Allow after school access

Set after-school policies to allow social media, audio streaming, or gaming sites to be accessed for activities happening on- and off-campus.

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