Web Filter

Safety Without Overblocking

Our scalable Web Filter solution ensures compliance, student safety, flexible policies, reporting, and access to valuable web resources—without overblocking.

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Mobile Manager

Manage Your Mobile Learning Program

Mobile devices are changing education, and Mobile Manager is changing the way you manage them.

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Classroom Orchestrator

Keep kids on task with tools designed for teachers

Mobile devices in the classroom can engage students in learning like never before, but with a full class, monitoring that many devices can be a real challenge.

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In their words

“I have seen increased student engagement and performance, collaborative working not only in classes but throughout the whole college, and currently collaborating with a district in the US. It really is MY Big Campus.”

Adam Hodgess, Lipson Co-operative Academy

“The Lightspeed Systems solution has added an extra dimension to our internet traffic management and e-safety regimes. The forensic reporting gives my team a unique view of exactly what is happening on my network, it’s invaluable.”

Chris Joy, Kent College

“My Big Campus is similar to falling into the biggest most exciting library in the world, with the most incredible resources all collected together under one easily accessed centre.”

Caroline Barry, St Leonards- Mayfield School

“We chose My Big Campus for two reasons really: we wanted more flexibility with the filtering, and we wanted a really good place for learning resources.”

Gary Futcher, Notre Dame RC School

“I think with any web filter, I think it’s important to have the flexibility to customise it and one of the good things that Lightspeed does, and one of the reasons we went to it was the flexibility it gives the network manager and their team.”

Harjinder Bhambra, Featherstone High School

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