Web Filter

Safety Without Overblocking

Our scalable Web Filter solution ensures compliance, student safety, flexible policies, reporting, and access to valuable web resources—without overblocking.

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Mobile Manager

Manage Your Mobile Learning Program

Mobile devices are changing education, and Mobile Manager is changing the way you manage them.

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Classroom Orchestrator

Keep kids on task with tools designed for teachers

Mobile devices in the classroom can engage students in learning like never before, but with a full class, monitoring that many devices can be a real challenge.

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In their words

“Lightspeed Systems MDM is simple to use and granular, everything is arranged logically and just works.”

Allan Smith, Northumberland Local Authority

“Lightspeed Systems has given us a lot of confidence with our one to one programme to allow the students to take the devices home.”

Greg Hughes, The de Ferrers Academy

“The Lightspeed Systems product does what it says on the tin and was very quick to implement. The technical support is excellent and as a result we were up and running in no time.”

Steve Manderson, The Trinity Catholic School

“The hierarchical structure of the Lightspeed Systems Web Filter has allowed us to provide the right policies to the right people in the right places.”

Matthew Gray, Queens College London

“I think with any web filter, I think it’s important to have the flexibility to customise it and one of the good things that Lightspeed does, and one of the reasons we went to it was the flexibility it gives the network manager and their team.”

Harjinder Bhambra, Featherstone High School

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