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Lightspeed Systems vs. GoGuardian

How do we stack up against our competitors?

With 25 years in the edtech industry, Lightspeed’s unparalleled expertise in K-12 has helped us develop the most up-to-date enterprise-class software that is easy to implement and even easier to use. Everything your district needs to ensure the safest, most effective online learning experience possible is available in an integrated portfolio, with a single place to sync rosters/users, one spot to manage multiple needs, and one point of contact to support you throughout your Lightspeed experience.

Lightspeed Filter vs. GoGuardian Admin


Lightspeed Filter

GoGuardian Admin

Device agnostic: school, browser, or OS (Chrome, iOS, Windows, Mac)

Functionality is limited outside of Chrome
SSL decryption

Functionality is limited outside of Chrome
Intuitive dashboard to see trends and data

Custom groups: filter at the group or individual level

Hybrid BYOD and guest network filtering

Cloud-DNS filter for out-of-the-box CIPA compliance

Supports OneRoster, Clever, Google, AD/Azure, GG4L

Precise database categorization with 100+ categories

Block unknown URLs, domains, and IPs

Ability to set up policies based on time of day

Flexible admin roles for schools and key individuals: Filter Settings and Platform/Reports

Platform/Reports only
YouTube filtering (including comments, chat, sidebars)

SmartPlay to allow only educational videos with no need for admins to review categories

Social media controls that provide read-only access to sites like Twitter and Instagram

Parent Portal: access to student activity reports & filtering activity at no additional cost

Parent Portal: the ability for parents to pause web browsing to regulate screen time

Lifetime data storage: 90 days searchable plus lifetime data retention

30 days searchable, six months retention
Live user activity designed to reduce policy configuration and lower troubleshooting times from an average of 25 minutes to seconds

Multiple AI categories, reporting, and suspicious AI

Lightspeed Classroom Management vs. GoGuardian Teacher


Lightspeed Classroom Management

GoGuardian Teacher

Interact on student screens: open and close tabs, lock screens, send links

Personalize learning environments for individuals or groups

View individual student screens and browsing history

Expand student screens size to full-page view

Choose which websites students can access

Choose which websites to block

Customized student messaging

Teacher ability to custom arrange student screens & classes

Supports OneRoster, Clever, Google, AD/Azure

Notifications let a teacher see when a student goes off-task

Teacher ability to merge classes

Teacher ability to annotate on student screens

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Supports Chrome, Mac, and Windows

Functionality is limited outside of Chrome
Ability to record student screens

Teacher ability to resolve schedule conflicts

Lightspeed Alert vs. GoGuardian Beacon


Lightspeed Alert

GoGuardian Beacon

Scans websites, search engines, social media, and web apps across Chrome, iOS/Mac, and Windows

Functionality is limited outside of Chrome
Scans Microsoft 365 apps on district account both on and off district devices

Scans Google Workspace apps on district account both on and off district devices

Functionality is limited outside of Chrome
Alerts on self-harm, violence, and bullying categories

Alerts on explicit, drugs, and weapons categories

Control alert sensitivity by category

Spanish language monitoring

AL/ML trained in the native language
Dashboard showing key data and trends

Ability to assign an incident to an admin for follow-up

Context (browsing history) is provided around the alert to make quick, informed decisions

Ability to log action taken and write notes on an alert

Customizable alert notification settings for after-hours, weekends

Customizable alert notifications based on the level of concern

Trained safety specialists available 24/7/365

Delegated admin roles

Escalation list customization at the school and district level

Phone notifications for imminent threat