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How Lightspeed Revolutionizes SSL Decryption in Schools

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I made one small error in a PAC file and my whole school lost internet access.”

“Certificate management is my biggest challenge.”

“SSL decryption is necessary but takes too much time and money.”

We used to hear these things all the time from school IT teams.

What do our Lightspeed customers say?

“The best thing about Lightspeed Filter™ (formerly Relay) is I get SSL decryption automatically.”

“[Lightspeed Filter] is a game-changer for SSL.”

“I chose [Lightspeed Filter] for the hassle-free SSL decryption.”

SSL decryption is essential for schools to set smart filtering policies, like blocking/allowing Google services or YouTube videos. SSL decryption also gives schools reporting on which terms students search and which videos they watch. But decryption involves a trusted-man-in-the-middle proxy, PAC files, and trust certificates — all of which used to be time-consuming, costly, and difficult to deploy.

For years, SSL decryption was the top filtering challenge in our surveys of school IT leaders. So we solved it.

Lightspeed Filter‘s patent-pending Smart Agents change the game of SSL decryption. They have a TMITM proxy — and all the PAC file and certificate management that goes with it — built in.

Just deploy the agents and get the decryption you need.

Lightspeed Filter solves the challenges of SSL decryption with:

  • A built-in, self-managed proxy: Push the multi-OS filtering Smart Agents to your devices; never touch a trust certificate or PAC file again.
  • Comprehensive visibility: Smart Agents give you detailed information and controls across platforms, browsers, and apps.
  • Easy exclusions: There are some sites you may not want to decrypt. Those are no problem. Just set your custom SSL exclusion list and that activity remains encrypted.
  • All the data you need: Smart Agents’ built-in SSL decryption gives you quick access to search term reports and video reports, and selective access to Google services.

Ready to get hassle-free SSL decryption for your school devices? Get a demo of Lightspeed Filter today.