Why Schools Choose Lightspeed Systems® Over GoGuardian, Securly and iBoss

It’s time to think about your filter for next year. How are you going to keep your students safe and your devices protected?

The Lightspeed Platform is a hardware-free, cloud-based integrated suite of solutions that offers filtering, monitoring, management, and more for all your devices. It’s the result of 20 years of experience in the market as a trusted ally for schools and districts. We know it’s the best solution for most schools. Instead of offering feature checklists, we like to focus on what we do best — based on what our thousands of customers have told us.

If you’re comparing Lightspeed Systems® to GoGuardian, Securly, iBoss, or any other filter, read on to see what sets Lightspeed apart from the pack.

1. Lightspeed covers every device, everywhere.

Some filters can filter any device OS but only when they’re on your school network. Other products can filter devices anywhere students take them but are only compatible with one or two OSes. Lightspeed’s advanced AI-powered agents expand student safety to the cloud on Chrome, Windows, Mac and iOS, meaning all your school-owned devices are filtered, everywhere they go. And since our content filter is in the cloud, BYOD and IoT technology remain CIPA compliant when they’re connected to your school network.

2. Lightspeed is better at filtering.

It’s that simple. No other solution has a database like ours. Other solutions allow inappropriate content, block good content, and force you to make manual adjustments. We’ve built the most mature and comprehensive database in the industry from 20 years of web-crawling to automatically block millions of inappropriate, districting, and harmful URLs. Other filters categorize a couple thousand websites each day; we categorize 2 million websites each day. Lightspeed Filter™ also accurately handles images, videos, foreign languages, and unknown URLS.

3. We care about the classroom.

That’s why our classroom management solution, Lightspeed Classroom Management™, easily integrates with Lightspeed Filter. We use groundbreaking AI technology to provide insights and visibility into student engagement and time spent online while in class, on campus, and at home with real-time actionable, time-saving notifications. Lightspeed Classroom Management is cross-platform, covering Chrome, Mac, and Windows devices, to remotely send and open URLs for students, lock screens, and set internet access limits.

4. Lightspeed solves the toughest problems on the web.

Social media, YouTube, Psiphon — all those things that make filtering difficult can now be solved with a few clicks of a button. Granular controls for YouTube allow access to educational channels or videos, while blocking inappropriate or distracting videos, inappropriate thumbnails, comments, and recommended videos.

5. Lightspeed goes way beyond CIPA compliance to ensure safety.

CIPA requires schools to use a filter to block obscene content, but there’s a lot more to keeping students safe at school. Lightspeed helps prevent suicide, cyberbullying, self-harm, and school violence with real-time alerts that flag signs of a potential threat with Lightspeed Alert™. With activity logs that show digital activity before and after the flagged event, you can gain insights into students’ mental health and intervene quickly before an incident occurs.

6. Lightspeed has the best reports.

Reports are where you go to make sure everything works as expected, investigate issues, and gather data for administration and board members. Lightspeed’s powerful, actionable, and sharable reporting engine surfaces high level and granular details of student online activity so you can understand how your online resources are being used; compare classes and schools; automatically share information with parents or other stakeholders; and a lot more.

7. You can count on our company.

We’re the industry pioneer in online safety for and have been a proven, trusted partner for schools and districts for over 20 years. But we don’t rest on our history: We’re always listening and innovating to solve the newest challenges for schools.
With Lightspeed, you can combine all your on-network and off-network filtering, management, reporting, and more with a single, integrated solution. You save money by cutting line items such as classroom management, device geolocation, and hardware. And you get the best filtering from a trusted company that’s been helping schools keep students safe for 20 years.

Don’t take our word for it. We asked some customers why they chose Lightspeed Systems over GoGuardian and other solutions. Here are a few of their answers.
  • “I trust Lightspeed. They had features included that others did not. Lightspeed had the classroom management added in. Lightspeed was unbelievably easy to set up and get going. The support is amazing.” —Brian Wamsley, Leadership of Texas
  • “Better reporting. K-12 educational focus.” —Matt Maine of Wilmington Area School District
  • “Other solutions didn’t seem to work as well, had limitations that weren’t acceptable to us, or didn’t have an easy-to-understand interface.” —Tim McCleary of Cheltenham School District
  • “I chose Lightspeed over all the others because of the reporting abilities and the agentless [BYOD Lightspeed Rocket] solution.” —Jimmy Schaefer of Lake Dallas ISD
  • “[We chose it because of] cost and stability. It is very hands-off. It gets set and we have no issues. Reporting features are great. It has wonderful support, which is always important to me with any product.” —Johnny Vicars of Burleson ISD
  • “Extensive filter database, hosted, no hardware to maintain.” —Phil Feichko, Carbon School District
  • “We were using GoGuardian but found that Lightspeed gave us similar features at a better price.” —Jason Horsman, Central Unified School District

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