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4 Steps to Distance Learning Success

Next-level distance learning

You’re buying devices. In fact, schools purchase about 30 million devices each year! Wow. But now what? According to the CoSN Leadership report, the next steps are to make all that technology safer and smarter, with a focus on cybersecurity, ROI, and data-driven decision making.

Lightspeed Systems’ cloud-based solutions give you four key elements (or just the ones you want) that take your mobile learning program to the next level and keep students safe and successful.

1. Protect students

With students on devices more and more, it’s essential that schools protect students from dangerous content on the internet. This could be pornography, radicalizing content, dangerous users, or more. And with things like Google Apps ubiquitous in our schools, this is about more than blocking. You can’t just block Google Apps; you need to allow it, but still keep it safe.
Enter Lightspeed Filter™ (with Lightspeed Alert™ included). With these solutions, you can block inappropriate content; allow only educational YouTube videos; monitor and get real-time alerts on behaviors indicating self-harm, violence, cyberbullying, and even attempts to get around filtering.

2. Empower teachers

Technology can obviously improve teaching & learning — but it can also make it difficult to keep students on task and for teachers to know what students on devices are doing. Empowering teachers with tools that allow them to monitor and engage students lets teachers focus on teaching, and keep students focused on learning.
That’s what Lightspeed Classroom Management™ does. It gives teachers a view into all student screens; tools to control activity like closing tabs and limiting web access; and tools to engage students by sharing links, broadcasting screens, and sending quick messages.

3. Manage apps & devices

All those devices are spread throughout your schools — in classrooms, in labs, in lockers. And it’s up to IT to make sure they don’t get lost, they have all the apps they need, the policies are managed, and the systems are up to date.
Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™ is here to help. With touchless over-the-air management of iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android devices, Mobile Manager makes it easy to update systems, push and allocate app licenses, lock and wipe devices, and find lost devices.

4. Report on EVERYTHING

The move to device-per-student programs bring a slew of digital resources — from curriculum to testing to more. Are those resources being used? Are teachers using other tools that haven’t been vetted? How do all these apps, applications, and web sites stack up against your privacy policies?
Lightspeed Analytics™ has all the answers, so you can make data-driven decisions that ensure positive educational outcomes, student data privacy, and high ROI on the tools in use across your schools.

You don’t need to take our word for it.

We’re helping 28,000 schools around the world protect their students and manage their BYOD and distance learning programs, including Grapevine-Colleyville in Texas.

“The impact continues to grow as a district in a 24/7/365 fashion. As a CTO, having a partner like Lightspeed gives me peace of mind around protecting, monitoring and now analyzing the overall student experience.”


Lightspeed Filter is a complete platform that gives you everything you need for filtering, student safety, classroom management, device management, app management, and reporting. All in a single platform that works across operating systems; syncs with your directory and SIS; and makes delegation easy and secure so it gives you more control while saving time.