Lightspeed Systems Introduces AI Notify Tool to Bridge the Gap Between AI and Effective Classroom Management

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Denver, Colorado—June 24, 2024—Lightspeed Systems®, a global leader in digital safety, security, and equity solutions for K-12 education, proudly announces the launch of its AI Notify tool within Lightspeed Classroom Management™ at ISTE 2024. This innovative feature offers real-time visibility into student AI activity, empowering teachers to effectively introduce and manage AI in the classroom.

The new AI Notify tool is the first of its kind in the market, offering teachers crucial real-time insights into student interactions with AI, helping to ensure AI tools are used constructively.

Generative AI applications are rapidly emerging, while many schools are still evaluating guidelines for implementation and use. According to a May 2024 poll of K-12 districts by Lightspeed Systems:

  • 70% of IT leaders cite “visibility of usage” as a top factor for integrating AI into teaching and learning.
  • 74% cite “student misuse” as a top roadblock in integrating AI into teaching and learning.
  • 25% of districts surveyed already have AI guidelines in place and 20% have AI tools in use.

Whether districts are allowing or restricting AI for use in teaching and learning, AI tools are making their way into the modern classroom. AI Notify addresses concerns by allowing districts to introduce and manage AI usage in real-time.

“AI Notify revolutionizes classroom management by providing real-time insights into student AI activity. With this groundbreaking tool, teachers can confidently introduce and manage use of AI resources, with guardrails that ensure constructive and safe learning environments. As AI becomes increasingly integrated into education, Lightspeed Systems® remains committed to empowering teachers and promoting student safety. AI Notify is just one example of how Lightspeed’s suite enables districts to easily manage access and monitor AI use by staff and students," says Rob Chambers, Vice President of Platform Strategy at Lightspeed Systems.

Visibility of Usage: AI Notify informs teachers when students access AI-categorized websites. This real-time monitoring ensures teachers are always aware of AI usage in their classrooms, enabling them to supervise and guide students effectively.

Preventing Student Misuse: Teachers can close inappropriate tabs, limit web access, send announcements, and record screens to redirect or act against misuse with Lightspeed Classroom Management. This proactive management helps maintain academic integrity and ensures AI tools are used constructively.

Implementation of AI Guidelines: AI Notify helps districts enforce or introduce appropriate use policies by giving teachers the oversight needed to ensure compliance. This tool helps bridge the gap between policy and practice, making it easier for districts to uphold their standards.

Enhancing AI Effectiveness and Personalized Learning: With AI Notify, teachers can evaluate the impact of AI tools on student learning, determine if equity of access issues exist, and refine instructional strategies accordingly.

AI Notify is part of a growing list of Lightspeed tools that help districts monitor and manage student AI usage, support the active use of AI, and inform policies around integrating AI in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. To learn more, visit

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