Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE)

Safeguard students and promote e-safety

Ensure safeguarding and meet online requirements

KCSIE is a statutory guidance updated yearly by the Department for Education helping educational establishments in the UK safeguard their students. Lightspeed Systems helps schools, colleges, LA’s and trusts meet the online safety criteria of the KCSIE guidance. Our cloud-based solutions keep students safe, let IT admins tailor the Internet, and give teachers the platform to promote responsible use.

Online safety app screenshot - filter screen

Online Safety

The Lightspeed solutions suite gives organisations the tools to address the four main areas of risk referenced in KCSIE. Our advanced AI categorises and blocks all illegal and inappropriate content, the forum categories protect from harmful contact, read-only mode for social media limits explicit conduct, and the gambling and malware categories block all commerce.

Appropriate Filtering and Monitoring

KCSIE refers to UK Safer Internet Centre: appropriate filtering and monitoring to give organisations the best safeguarding criteria. Lightspeed Filter™ and Lightspeed Alert™ are certified with both Appropriate Filtering and Appropriate Monitoring with UKSIC and are updated and adapted with every released update.

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Screen shot - Close Alert Case

Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL)

KCSIE requires every school and college to have a DSL and Lightspeed Alert gives them the real-time monitoring, early-warning alerts and escalation tools they need for all safeguarding issues from self-harm to violence.

Remote Learning

Lightspeed Filter uses patented Smart Agents to give schools and colleges the same KCSIE required level of filtering policies on any device and any OS remotely, as well as providing teachers with the tools they need to monitor and control remote classrooms.

Screenshot - After School Rules dashboard
Red circle with line over fist - prevent radicalization graphic

Preventing Radicalisation

Protect students from the risk of extremist ideologies and radicalisation with an exclusive category with URL’s provided by the UK Home Office. Lightspeed Alert also provides alerts when users type flagged words relating to extremism or radicalisation.

Violence and Cyberbullying

Lightspeed Alert lets organisations meet the criteria against serious violence and peer-on-peer abuse (child-on-child). Alert’s real-time AI and in-house safety specialists check and review all notifications with key words related to violence or cyberbullying allowing immediate intervention.

Screenshot - Human Review report
Screenshot - Share report screen

Information Sharing

Using Alert’s notification scheduling and screenshotted timelines as well as Lightspeed Filter’s powerful, shareable reports, schools and colleges can ensure they’re proactive in information sharing in line with KSCIE’s guidance.