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Student Data Privacy

Ensure data privacy compliance with Lightspeed Systems®

Student data privacy is becoming an increasingly important issue for schools as the number of students learning off the school network grows. With hundreds of new laws, regulations, and guidelines being passed, it is essential for schools to ensure that student data is protected and secure.  

Lightspeed Systems is dedicated to ensuring school and student data is kept secure by offering solutions purpose-built for security and complianceLightspeed Digital Insight is designed to help schools meet regulations and save time while managing third-party policies.

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Easily manage third-party privacy policy changes

Streamline data privacy management with the only edtech management tool to provide policy scanning with change notifications, side-by-side versions, and highlighted changes, so leaders can proactively protect students’ personally identifiable information (PII) from getting into the wrong hands.

Uncover unapproved apps and assess risk

Teachers are implementing new tools every day and ensuring these apps are following data privacy regulations is crucial. With Lightspeed Digital Insight, leaders gain a comprehensive overview of applications used on their network and devices, across all OS, and identify apps that need to be reviewed, ensuring that teachers can safely pilot applications and get visibility into what’s approved.

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Student Data Privacy Consortium GDPR COPPA FERPA badges

Identify apps and tools you can trust

Enhance your application screening process with Lightspeed Digital Insight’s integrated 1EdTech and Student Data Privacy Consortium badges. These badges offer transparency into app usage across multiple schools and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations such as GDPR, FERPA, and COPPA.