Social Media Safety

Customize access to social media sites to enable safe student use.

social media safety graphic

Allow for the safe use of social media with granular use controls

Students live on social media, but it can be dangerous and distracting when it comes to school. With Lightspeed Filter™, you can allow or block social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter so it’s used by the right people, at the right times, in the right ways.

Decide how sites are used

Social media controls in Lightspeed Filter make it easy to customize social media access by blocking, allowing, or allowing but in read-only mode.

Customize access to social media

Different groups have different needs, and different levels of maturity, when it comes to social media. With social media controls, you can set any policy by group, age, grade, or user to ensure the right users have the right access.

Allow after school access

After School Rules in Lightspeed Filter make it easy to set different policies, such as opening up social media or gaming sites, after school or when off campus.

Ensure safe social media use

The Lightspeed Systems® solutions suite offers a wide range of tools to ensure the safe use social media, if allowed. From live student screen views, to comprehensive user reports, to real-time alerts to concerning activity, Lightspeed Systems has the tools to help keep students safe on social media sites.

Keep students safe with customizable social media controls from Lightspeed Systems