Lightspeed Systems® Releases Artificial Intelligence School Safety Solution

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ORLANDO, FL. — Today, at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC), Lightspeed Systems announced a next-generation school safety solution to help prevent student self-harm and violence. Lightspeed Alert — a feature of the Lightspeed platform — is a new software solution that provides real-time alerts of troubling student web activity to school administrations.

Leveraging advanced machine-learning technology, Lightspeed Alert provides the immediate data schools need to prevent school violence, bullying, and other harm. Its sophisticated AI performs in-depth scanning of student online activity to determine what’s relevant and what isn’t.

Additionally, by combining detailed user information like timelines and screenshots with its alerts, Lightspeed Alert gives school IT departments necessary context to determine the severity of suspicious activity. Lightspeed Alert gets the right information to the right people at the right time to help save students’ lives.

Lightspeed Alert has already saved student lives. Twenty minutes after implementing Lightspeed Alert’s beta release, one school district discovered a student who was contemplating suicide, allowing the district to intervene and provide necessary support.

Lightspeed Systems President & CEO Brian Thomas shares, “We’re a mission-driven company committed to protecting students. We’ve made great strides in 20 years and Lightspeed Alert is going to help us do even more for school safety.”

Lightspeed Alert is a critical feature of  the Lightspeed platform. Lightspeed eliminates the hassle of managing disparate systems and solutions to keep school devices safe, well managed and mobile. With Lightspeed, school IT departments can perform all necessary functions of device management with one, scalable, cloud-based solution — that covers all mobile and network devices.

The Lightspeed platform include:
• Support for all devices — every OS, BYOD and IoT
• Easy SSL decryption — patented Smart Agents provide SSL decryption to all devices, apps and browsers without need for proxy servers, PAC files or certificates
• Precise device geolocation — find lost and stolen devices, maximizing edtech ROI
• Next-gen classroom management — featuring AI-based insights that notify teachers when students are off-task
• Delegated management — easily share granular filtering and MDM tasks with the rest of your staff

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