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Be a Know IT All with Lightspeed

Instant Answers at Your Fingertips, Anytime

Real-Time Answers, Real Simple

As a district leader, you’re fielding questions and expectations from all sides, and there’s nothing worse than having to dive into spreadsheets or scramble for data to get answers for your superintendent, teachers, parents, board members, and staff. With Lightspeed’s suite of solutions, you can effortlessly provide detailed, real-time insights on edtech usage and compliance across your district. Say goodbye to manual research and hello to being the go-to expert for every question that comes your way.

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Comprehensive Visibility. Period.

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Get Data from Beyond the Browser

Our cutting-edge SmartAgent technology delivers seamless, on-device protection without the need for complex setups. By placing SmartAgent tech directly onto each device, you’re able to see everything that happens on your devices – not just what happens in the browser. SmartAgent makes it easy to get the full picture, maintain compliance and protect students without sacrificing speed or reliability, ensuring you’re always the expert with all the answers.

Every Answer, On Every OS

Lightspeed’s solutions work flawlessly across all devices, from iOS and MacOS to Windows and Chromebooks. This out-of-the-box compatibility ensures comprehensive reporting and simplified management, allowing you to maintain control and visibility regardless of the device mix. Be the know-it-all who effortlessly keeps everything running smoothly, no matter what devices your district uses.

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Instant Insights for Every Question

Gain real-time visibility into all activities on your network and devices with Lightspeed’s intuitive dashboard. Instantly access data on app usage, web activity, and potential threats, all in one place. This comprehensive overview empowers you to make informed decisions quickly, ensuring you’re always the know-it-all who can address concerns and optimize performance on the fly.

We couldn’t answer the question of, “What are our kids doing?” With Lightspeed Classroom Management, we can see what they are doing during class. Using Lightspeed Alert, we can see what they are typing, especially if it is related to self-harm. We are also to see what they are doing on a daily basis using Lightspeed Filter.

Jeremy MillerDirector of Technology

I’ve saved so many hours not having to look around a user interface for the one thing I needed.

Shawna BlustDistrict Service Technologist

As the IT specialist, lightspeed has saved me countless hours of investigating incidents including bullying, inappropriate activity, and other behavioral issues that occur on computers. Using the web activity log with the ability to search username or device serial makes it easy to create a data timeline of events.

Amanda CaulIT Specialist

Lightspeed reduced our IT administration load. Once the platform is set up and working, deployment and use is 99.9% automatic. Sure, there are things that you have to tweak every now and again, but for the most part, it's a hands-off platform.

Zachary ZimmerSystems Administrator