Rising suicide rates stats featured

Rising Suicide Rates

Can Your School Web Filter Help Prevent Suicide?

Over the weekend I read this article from EdWeek about rising suicide rates among young kids.

Some concerning statistics:

  • Suicide among young people is at a 30-year high
  • Kids as young as 9 or 10 are thinking about killing themselves
  • Suicide rates for kids ages 10-14 have tripled recently, and have increased by 75% for teens

Even more sobering is the fact that 75% of parents with children having suicidal thoughts are unaware of these feelings.

As a parent, I get it: it can be hard to know what kids and teenagers are thinking. But through their internet activity, they’re telling us what they are thinking — in their searches, in what they type on Google Docs, in the messages they send to their friends.

And there’s hope: studies show that most suicidal people leave signs (it’s just that they are unfortunately often missed). That’s why we created Lightspeed Alert™: to see those warning signs.

At Lightspeed Systems, our mission is protecting students.

Our Lightspeed Alert offers the first step in student safety, blocking dangerous and inappropriate content, access to which can often lead to risky behavior. But then we go way beyond that with Lightspeed Alert, which uses advanced AI technology to analyze student internet activity to alert schools about at-risk students.

The reality of combating the suicide epidemic comes down to staying informed, being proactive rather than reactive, and protecting students above all else.

Stay informed

Lightspeed Alert’s advanced AI technology provides continuous monitoring of student internet activity on any site, across multiple operating systems. These bots are equipped to detect multiple categories of potential threats, such as cyberbullying, self-harm, and suicide.
Since it’s part of the Lightspeed Alert, schools are able to get a better sense of students’ state of mind with comprehensive activity logs and trending reports.

Be Proactive

Along with continuous monitoring, our advanced AI technology provides schools with real-time alerts when students exhibit signs of self-harm or suicide online. When a student at-risk is identified, a report is sent with all the details and screenshots needed to intervene proactively.
Student safety is everyone’s job. In order to keep the right faculty and staff informed and able to act quickly, easy delegation tools make sure alerts are sent to the right people based on school, group, and more.

Protect Students

In times like these, it’s crucial to take every step to prevent tragedy. Lightspeed Alert offers the technology to keep time on your side and provide the critical information you need for the safety of your students.
The newly enhanced real-time alerts take student safety and proactivity to new heights, going beyond monitoring for self-harm and suicide, with additional categories for cyberbullying, violence, and filter bypass attempts; support for Chrome, Mac, and Windows; and advanced reporting and case management controls.

Suicide rates are rising; Lightspeed Alert can help:

If you have Lightspeed Filter™, turn on Lightspeed Alert (at no additional cost). If you don’t have Lightspeed Filter, get a demo today to see how a better filter can lead to safer students.

If you are in crisis, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or contact the Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 74174