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Data-Driven Decisions in Education: Exploring Lightspeed Filter’s Reporting Capabilities

School district information technology (IT) departments play a crucial role in protecting networks and equipping staff with the insights they need to tackle everyday challenges. IT administrators need a comprehensive, detailed view of the websites and applications students and staff are attempting to access to ensure both individual and network safety. Principals, counselors, and teachers require detailed data for making informed decisions on everything from budgeting to student behavior, enabling them to offer necessary support and targeted interventions.

This is where Lightspeed’s comprehensive portfolio of security, safety, and classroom solutions comes in. More specifically a tool that captures all district, school, and user-level web activity, like Lightspeed Filter, makes a difference. It provides instant visibility into all on-device activities by students and staff, including top websites, applications, blocks, and searches. This detail helps disseminate information and solve issues quickly, improving decision-making. With dashboards, reports, and raw-data exports, districts can drill down and go as in-depth as needed – something no other filtering tool in the market can provide, as well as Lightspeed.

From dashboard to reports, Lightspeed Filter makes it easy to drive outcomes through data.


Lightspeed Filter provides advanced dashboards that offer a comprehensive overview of user and device activity, allowing administrators to identify trends and delve into detailed data on specific users or new, allowed, and blocked websites. These dashboards also provide insights into the types of content accessed across your network, with features to drill down into each activity. Administrators can explore which sites are being visited, assess the usage of educational content, and determine whether students are staying on task throughout the day.

IT teams are also able to significantly speed up troubleshooting and auditing with a real-time stream of web activity by user. This unique capability allows admins to configure policies and address issues without the need to directly access device logs for faster reporting. IT administrators can quickly identify and resolve problems, apply changes, and confirm their effectiveness for multiple users simultaneously, a feature unmatched by other cloud-based filters.


Lightspeed Filter enhances efficiency with exportable reports featuring detailed datasets for easy review of information such as blocked sites, searches, and videos , offering a flexible date range up to 90 days. Making int easy to share insights to district stakeholders while safeguarding data privacy, Lightspeed Filter includes the option to schedule reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, saving IT teams valuable time. It also includes an activity log documenting each request from filtered devices, available for export and further analysis.

Empowering Educational Oversight

Lightspeed Filter stands out as a comprehensive solution for school districts seeking to enhance their network management and data-driven decision-making. By offering advanced dashboards, detailed and exportable reports, and real-time troubleshooting capabilities, Lightspeed ensures that IT departments can maintain security, monitor web activity, and optimize educational outcomes efficiently. With its unique features and user-friendly interface, Lightspeed Filter not only saves time but also significantly improves the oversight of digital environments in educational settings.

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