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Improve Classroom Management Efficiency with Lightspeed Systems’ New “Merge Classes” Tool

We’re excited to announce the launch of our highly anticipated Merge Classes feature in Lightspeed Classroom Management™! With this new tool, teachers can easily combine classes to monitor and manage in one place.  

That’s right—keep an eye on every student, share messages, and apply web rules and class controls faster and more efficiently than ever before. In this post, we’ll dive into why this tool sets us apart and some of the many scenarios that teachers can now seamlessly navigate with this quick and easy-to-use tool. 

Merge Classes Lessens Teachers’ Administrative Overhead

With the Merge Classes feature, teachers can now easily combine classes to monitor and manage their course in a single place, freeing themselves from administrative overhead and allowing them to focus on generating student learning outcomes. 

Prior to the Merge Classes feature, many Student Information Systems (SIS) import sources fragmented a single class into multiple sessions within a classroom management tool due to roster configurations. Simply, that complicated teachers’ ability to efficiently manage their classes. It was particularly challenging in scenarios such as when an educator taught a virtual class with students spanning various campuses, oversaw students from different schools in one physical classroom, or managed mixed-level students within a single class session.  

Merge Classes removes the inconvenience of teachers having to track multiple windows, enhancing the overall teaching experience and, in turn, students’ learning experience as well. Specifically, Lightspeed Classroom Management’s Merge Classes feature benefits teachers with:   

  • Streamlined Workflows, saving teachers valuable class time by eliminating the need to monitor and switch between different sections during a single class period. 
  • Real-Time Visibility, enabling teachers with views of all student activity in real time, in one place, allowing immediate access to important student activity and notifications. 
  • Enhanced Learning, increasing the ability to send messages and apply Web Rules to student groups to support differentiated instruction more efficiently. 


Teaching is difficult enough as it is. Why endure the burden of managing multiple windows to accommodate multiple class sections? 

With Lightspeed Classroom Management and its new Merge Classes feature, teachers can now bypass a familiar pain point completely and seamlessly combine multiple class sections, providing themselves with a consolidated view of all their students on a single screen. 

If you’re a Lightspeed Classroom Management customer, please reach out to your Client Success Manager to get your district’s teachers fully up to speed with this timesaving, headache-reducing feature. And if you’re not a Lightspeed Classroom Management customer, just hit that “Request a Demo” button at the top right of the screen and let us show you the full capabilities of the product!