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The Revolutionary New Way for Schools to Optimize Tech Use: Introducing Lightspeed Analytics

Optimize your school district's technology with Lightspeed Analytics

Education is increasingly going digital. School leaders used to dream of putting a device in each student’s hands; now, 74% of K-12 schools have more than one device per student.

It’s more important than ever to optimize school technology use and make informed decisions about their edtech. Analytics powered by Relay pulls together all usage information for devices, apps, applications, and online resources into a single, actionable dashboard so schools can:

  • Maximize ROI: Identify used and unused licenses and their associated costs for all resources, by school and group
  • Drive adoption: Pinpoint groups or users with low adoption of key resources to target training and professional development efforts
  • Maintain compliance: Spot out-of-compliance or rogue applications that could present privacy or data security concerns

Are you getting your money's worth?

With Analytics powered by Relay, schools will finally be able to draw insights from their wide array of data and answer their toughest questions. Is what you’re paying for actually being utilized as intended? Have you implemented redundant tools that present an opportunity for cost-savings? How often are applications used and for what? Do your resources achieve digital equity?

Analytics powered by Relay uses Lightspeed Systems’ proprietary Smart Agents to view and report on all traffic from the root level of school devices. Agents are run in invisible report-only mode and do not disrupt or delay activity. Analytics powered by Relay can be used in conjunction with Relay filtering, providing not only reporting but also powerful filtering tools to allow and block traffic, apps, and resources.

Analytics powered by Relay is the most complete analytics solution available: It supports every OS, everywhere school devices go, plus every browser, app, and user.