Lightspeed Systems United for Safety webinar series.

Introducing the “United for Safety” Series to Better Student Well-Being

Our children need our protection, and our schools and communities need to engage in expanded dialogue around student well-being. Together, being united for safety, we must address the fact that we’re confronted by a deepening mental health crisis among our children. Consider the following statistics:

  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death among high school-aged youths aged 14–18 years. In 2021, the suicide rate for that age group was nine per 100,000 population and accounted for one out of five deaths (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • In 2020, approximately 105,000 youths aged 14–18 years visited emergency department for self-harm injuries (CDC).
  • In 2019, among children aged six to twelve, there were 5,485 emergency room or inpatient visits for suicidal thoughts, a 115% increase over 2016 (Children’s Hospital Association).
  • In 2019, one out of every five (20.2 percent) students reported being bullied (National Center for Educational Statistics).

To facilitate ongoing discussion, Lightspeed Systems is proudly collaborating with thought leaders and practitioners to produce a two-part webinar series on student safety, entitled, “United for Safety.”

The Safety Spectrum: From Digital Vigilance to Physical Security

Our series kicks off on Tuesday, March 19 (1:00 pm EDT/10:00 am PDT) with “The Safety Spectrum: From Digital Vigilance to Physical Security.” This thought-provoking session will address the complex, intensifying issue of student safety, and will feature the following thought leaders:

  • Michele Gay, Founder & Executive Director, Safe and Sound Schools
  • Christi Frias, Student Services Director, San Marcos Unified School District (Calif.)
  • Jim Peterson, CTO, Bloomington Public Schools District 87 (Illinois)
  • Amanda Sutter, VP Product Management, Lightspeed Systems
The Safety Spectrum webinar cover image

Vision to Reality: Promoting Student Safety in the Digital Age

Following up to the first session will be the webinar, “Vision to Reality: Promoting Student Safety in the Digital Age,” promising unique insights on the integral role technology plays in proactively identifying and supporting at-risk students.

This webinar provides an opportunity to better understand Lightspeed System’s vision for a safer digital learning environment and will allow participants to develop actionable strategies to enhance their institutions’ safety protocols.

Vision to Reality: Promoting Student Safety in the Digital Age cover image


Don’t miss these two opportunities to be part of the most important conversations going through our K-12 education communities. Reserve your space by registering today for this transformative webinar series.