What’s So Smart About Smart Agents?

Smart Agents power Relay’s multi-OS content filtering. But what makes Smart Agents so smart?

Self-Contained SSL Decryption

Decrypting SSL has been one of the top challenges for schools in web filtering. It involved setting up a trusted-man-in-the-middle proxy server, creating PAC files, or managing trust certificates. Smart Agents do all that — on their own!

Easy to Install

Relay’s Smart Agents are customized to your Relay account. All you need to do is log into Relay; download your custom agent; and install it through G Suite, GPO, MDM, or whatever tool you use to push software.

Can’t Be Removed

Smart Agents are protected from uninstallation so students can’t remove them to avoid filtering policies.

Don’t Cause Delays

Smart Agents are small enough to not slow down your devices. (We’ve tested thoroughly on devices we typically see in our customers’ schools.) They also minimize traffic to and from the cloud so they don’t slow down your network.

Work Anywhere

Relay Smart Agents are installed on devices so they work anytime, anywhere — your school network, students’ home networks, and wherever else devices go.

Make User ID Seamless

User identification is built into Smart Agents, syncing with G Suite, Google Classroom, Active Directory, or Azure/Office 365. When your students log into their devices, Smart Agents know who they are, applying accurate policies and reports. (On devices such as iPads where students might not log in, Smart Agents can pick up their User IDs from parameters pushed through the MDM deploy.)e

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