Student safety monitoring backpack

Student Safety Monitoring and Suicide Prevention with Lightspeed Alert™

Did you know that suicide is the #2 leading cause of death for young people ages 10-24? That's a statistic we need to change.

It is our mission to protect students. We’ve done that for twenty years with our web filtering solutions – and now Lightspeed Alert takes it to a new level with advanced student safety monitoring. Students do so much online; monitoring that activity can yield information that might otherwise be missed. Lightspeed Alert uses advanced AI and machine learning to monitor student web activity; identify students who might be at risk for self-harm, suicide, or other concerns; and alert administrators in real-time.

With its advanced AI and multi-OS monitoring that works across sites and platforms, Lightspeed Alert is able to help identify at-risk students so schools can intervene.

Some of the top things Lightspeed Alert has alerted schools about:

  • Students searching for places to commit suicide nearby
  • Students writing suicide notes in Google docs
  • Students commenting in social media that they want to die
  • Students sharing suicide tips or ideas in online chats
  • Students who are being abused
  • Students researching suicide, not in connection with a school report or project
  • Students who are depressed
  • Students writing about suicide in connection with plans for school violence
  • Students using school devices to attempt to visit suicide ideation blogs

Those cases may have been missed without Lightspeed Alert’s real-time alerts.

In fact, more than 80% of the schools who were part of the Early Access beta period identified a student at risk in the first month. Getting that information allows schools to intervene and help students in need.

With Lightspeed Alert, schools get powerful features to make student safety monitoring easier and more effective:

  • Real-time alerts that include details and screen shots
  • Advanced delegation so counselors, school site administrators, safety officers and more can work effectively together
  • Powerful dashboards and reports on overall safety and individual user activity
  • Case tracking and audit logs to simplify management
  • Multi-OS support
  • Monitoring of every site – not just Google sites, like some other safety monitoring solutions

Students are back to school, and Lightspeed Alert is the latest way we are helping schools keep them safe. Even better: it’s included with our marketing-leading Lightspeed Filter™.