Student safety monitoring dashboard featured

Student Safety Monitoring: What You May Be Missing without Lightspeed Filter™

Student safety with Lightspeed Filter™

Lightspeed Filter is more than a filter; it’s a complete student safety monitoring platform that uses advanced AI to identify at-risk students and get schools the real-time information they need to intervene.

Lightspeed Alert™ has alerted schools to thousands of student safety concerns — many of them things that other solutions miss.

Here are 4 reasons to trust Lightspeed Alert with your student safety monitoring.

1. When it comes to student safety monitoring, we see everything.

Some solutions only scan Google Drive or Gmail; some only work on some operating systems. Lightspeed Alert works across Chrome, Mac, and Windows devices and analyzes activity on every site and app.

Here are the top 15 sites that generated alerts in September:

  1. Google Docs
  2. Google Search
  3. Google Mail
  4. YouTube
  5. Google Translate
  6. Google
  7. Classroom
  8. Bing
  9. Quizlet
  10. Discord App
  11. Facebook
  12. PaperRater
  13. Pinterest
  14. Twitter
  15. PegWriting
  16. DuckDuckGo

If you’re only looking at Google Docs or Gmail, you’re missing a lot! Lightspeed Alert is able to analyze activity on every site, even encrypted sites and sites behind logins to improve you ability to perform student safety monitoring.

2. Our AI is tuned to alert on the right information.

Some solutions send thousands of false alerts every month. Because our AI is based on twenty years of experience with student activity and monitoring, we’re able to more accurately identify true risks. We know the difference between a suicidal student and a student working on a Romeo & Juliet project. Lightspeed Alert sent an average of 28 alerts per school last month, which means you know about critical issues without overburdening your staff with false alerts.

3. When it comes to safety, easy management and delegation is key.

Our AI works hard to identify safety risks, send alerts, and provide historical reports. But what then? With a lot of projects and small staffs, school IT teams can’t manage digital safety alone. That’s why Lightspeed Alert has critical features to make student safety a school-wide effort: Admin Roles makes it easy to alert different people (principals, counselors, school resource officers) based on school or grade and Case Tracking makes it easy to see and manage who has followed up and when.

4. Student data privacy is essential.

When monitoring students and alerting on safety concerns, student data privacy is essential. That’s why we use robust AI technology (not humans) and send alerts only to personnel or users designated by the school (not third parties). We’re committed to helping schools protect student data privacy and security.