5 compromises you won't make with K-12 software with Lightspeed

5 Compromises in K-12 Software You Don’t Have to Make with Lightspeed Systems™

Not all K-12 software products are created equal. Some products fall short and force customers to compromise on what’s important to them.

But that’s not the case with Lightspeed Systems®. There’s a reason why we’re one of the top K-12 software providers in the industry. We offer a technology suite that meets all the needs of a district without leaving our customers feeling like they’ve had to settle.

With other solutions, IT admins must make some compromises with their group policies that they just don’t have to make with Lightspeed Systems. When you’re looking for an edtech solution, be sure to consider the following five factors before you buy.

Don't compromise on accurate student data

With Lightspeed SmartSync™ technology, IT admins can simultaneously sync any combination of student information systems (SIS) and directory sources to the Lightspeed system. This means admins can access all students and groups from all systems in one centralized place, allowing users to manage in the way that suits them best.

And with quick resync speeds, admins can be confident they are getting the most reliable and accurate rostering data that always matches their sources.

Don't compromise on your student rosters

Lightspeed Systems solutions are integrated, meaning syncing your roster sources automatically updates your data across multiple products, including Lightspeed Filter™, Lightspeed Alert™, and Lightspeed Classroom Management™.

IT teams can balance both safety and accessibility with granular policy management controls to ensure students are in the right schools, classes, and groups with access to the sites they need for learning.

Don't compromise on how you spend your time

Lightspeed SmartSync lives up to its name—it’s Lightspeed-fast.

With combined multi-source syncing and our fastest next-generation rostering infrastructure, Lightspeed SmartSync technology provides the quickest and easiest way to sync the critical student and staff data school district admins need every single day.

One district in Oregon was able to simultaneously sync two sources with more than 100,000 total students with our system in two minutes and 12 seconds—less than the time it took for their IT admin to refill his or her coffee mug.

Don't compromise on policy navigation

Lightspeed SmartPolicy™ is purpose-built for K-12 policy management and gives IT teams all the tools they need to quickly navigate to the policies they need.

With quick search functionality, breadcrumb navigation, and granular group filtering, you don’t have to endlessly scroll to find what you’re looking for. We put the right policy information directly in front of you so you can easily find it and move on with your day.

Don't compromise on student safety and security

Lightspeed SmartPolicy gives district IT teams the flexibility to create new or modify existing group policies on-the-fly.

So, if certain students need stricter policies applied to them, IT teams can easily restrict their access. With multi-level and cross inheritance, IT teams can configure policies at any level: student, class, group, organizational units (OU), grade, and school.

These are important features in K-12 education roster syncing software, so don’t compromise on them—because with Lightspeed Systems you don’t have to. If you’d like to learn more about what sets Lightspeed Systems solutions apart and how we can help your school or district, schedule a demo or get more information on pricing today.