Web filtering remote devices

Web Filtering for Devices and Remote Learning During School Closures

Is your district facing challenges with web filtering for remote devices?

Schools around the world are quickly implementing plans for remote learning to maintain educational continuity during school closures. The latest information suggests that closures could be extended for many through the end of the school year. Getting safe, filtered devices to your students is a first step in remote learning plans for these extended school closures. We’re in constant touch with schools as they work through this, and we’ll keep sharing tips and solutions as we all work through this together.

Embrace a mix of devices.

You may have some older devices or classroom sets that aren’t usually distributed to students. You can get them to students and make them part of your remote learning plans.

Make sure they’re filtered, anytime and anywhere.

Web filtering that works off your school network is essential. With a variety of devices being used, you’ll also want to make sure your filtering supports a variety of device operating systems. (Lightspeed Filter™ does.)

Lightspeed Filter worked well yesterday. It helped a lot on our first day of eLearning. Thank you for providing a good product and great support.

Valerie PontiusSystems Engineer

Have a plan for maintenance.

Some schools are adding tech drop-offs to their lunch and meal distribution settings so broken devices can be fixed and returned to students. Others are offering remote tech assistance. Make sure students understand that now more than ever they need to treat their devices with care.

Use trusted partners.

Untrusted vendors are offering free solutions to help with remote learning. COPPA and student data privacy is still important. Make sure you, and your teachers, are sticking with trusted vendors committed to student data privacy and security. (Lightspeed Systems is.)
Obviously, there’s much more schools and IT teams are dealing with. Equity is a big concern for schools with diverse populations, including students without WIFI at home and special needs populations. As funding is procured and plans are crafted to overcome those challenges, we’re here to help make sure every device given to every student is safe and ready for remote learning.

Not using Lightspeed Filter? We’re offering free extended evaluations to schools to help deal with the Coronavirus and school closures.