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Lightspeed Systems® Introduces Merge Classes Feature in Lightspeed Classroom Management™

  • Media Release

Austin, Texas—October 24, 2023—Today, Lightspeed Systems®, the edtech market leader in digital safety, security, and equity solutions, announced a new Merge Classes feature of its Lightspeed Classroom Management product, saving teachers time and allowing them to teach more effectively by easily combining sections and managing classes in one place.

“In a dynamic educational landscape where teachers are tasked with instructing diverse students and classroom environments, Merge Classes emerges as a valuable tool to streamline their daily tasks and elevate the teaching experience,” said Brook Bock, Chief Product & Marketing Officer of Lightspeed Systems.

Merge Classes addresses a teacher pain point common across classroom management solutions, in which classes are fragmented into multiple sections. With Lightspeed Classroom Management’s Merge Classes feature, teachers can now save time and streamline their workflow by easily creating a consolidated view of all their students.

“At Lightspeed Systems, we continue to provide districts with tools to optimize success in the classroom,” continued Bock. “We’re excited to add onto the new user experience launched over the summer with yet another resource for teachers to create even more efficient classroom control.”

Lightspeed Classroom Management Saves Teachers Time and Streamlines Instruction

Teachers often face diverse classrooms, with students from different campuses, grade levels, and abilities. Merge Classes equips teachers to streamline their tasks and enhance the instructional experience, whether teaching a virtual class spanning multiple campuses or a traditional classroom with students of mixed grade levels—all without enlisting IT support.

Michael Floyd, a Social Studies teacher at Klein Independent School District in Spring, Texas and an early adopter of the Merge Classes feature, uses this new tool to simplify class monitoring at his district’s alternative education center. “I love being able to view all of my students on one page and see what they are doing,” shared Floyd.

With the consolidated class view in Lightspeed Classroom Management, teachers can more seamlessly manage students in one place—monitoring progress on students’ screens, sharing important messages and links to digital instruction, selectively blocking sites from student access, and ensuring appropriate online activity.

Using Lightspeed Classroom Management’s Merge Classes feature, teachers benefit with:

  • Streamlined Workflows: Instructors save valuable class time by eliminating the need to switch between different sections during a single class period.
  • Real-Time Visibility: Teachers can view student activity in real-time, in one place, allowing them to immediately respond to student questions and support them throughout class lessons.
  • Enhanced Learning: Teachers utilize an increased ability to send messages and apply Web Rules to student groups to support differentiated instruction more efficiently.

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