Powered by Lightspeed: How Beaverton School District Thinks Big

How Beaverton School District Thinks Big webinar cover

Small team? Don’t let your size limit how you deliver on the goals of providing safe, secure, and equitable education for your students. Lightspeed Systems’ centralized platform empowers districts to think big—and get there effortlessly. Discover how one platform transforms the way your entire district works and frees up staff time so they can focus on what matters most—students and their learning.

District leaders from Beaverton School District (Oregon) along with their dedicated Lightspeed Client Success Manager, joined us for the first webinar in the Powered by Lightspeed series.

Watch this webinar to learn:

Network security and student engagement challenges Beaverton faced.
Strategies and solutions implemented to meet the needs of their students.
How streamlining processes specifically around app management and student data protection enabled cross-departmental collaboration.
How they were able to save time to focus efforts on keeping their students engaged.
PLUS – Keep watching to learn about the power of the Lightspeed Systems integrated platform of cloud-managed solutions, and exciting new products and features coming your way.