Overcoming Obstacles to Bridging the Digital Divide in K-12 Learning​

Digital Equity Webinar cover image

It’s been years since the buzz surrounding terms like “homework gap” and “digital divide” started, so why do these terms continue to be top of mind for school districts, communities, and educational organizations?

District leaders know it’s because addressing inequity around digital learning is a uniquely challenging problem to solve. Options like connectivity surveys and student self-reporting have helped, but overall, district teams don’t feel they have the data or time needed to effectively identify and solve connectivity issues to ensure students can connect to learning away from school.

Jun Kim, Director of Technology at Moore Public Schools, Mac McMillan, Administrator for IT at the Beaverton School District, and Lightspeed Systems VP of Product, Amanda Sutter discuss:

  • The current challenges surrounding identifying equity issues.
  • A new way to leverage technology to drive equitable learning.
  • How to create a clear and proactive path forward in bridging the digital divide.