Powered by Lightspeed – How Hays CISD Empowers Staff to Support Student Safety, Wellness, & Engagement

Powered by Lightspeed Hays CISD cover

Hays Consolidated Independent School District’s safety, IT, and classroom leaders join Lightspeed for the next webinar in the Powered by Lightspeed Series. You’ll hear how Hays CISD harnessed the power of a single platform to transform its approach to student safety. Learn how this approach improved staff efficiency, freeing up time so they can focus on what matters most—student wellbeing and engagement during digital learning. Don’t miss out on discovering the impact of these changes firsthand.

Featured speakers

  • Jeri Skrocki, Chief of Safety and Security
  • John Gonzalez, IT, Network Engineer
  • LindaRae Johnson, Mental Health Resource Specialist
  • Marlen Guerrero, Middle School Teacher
  • Yesenia Mondragon, Client Success Manager, Lightspeed

PLUS — you’ll also learn why Lightspeed Classroom Management has become a must-have digital time-saving and classroom engagement tool for today’s districts.