United for Safety, Part 2: Vision to Reality: Promoting Student Safety in the Digital Age

Vision to Reality: Protecting Student Safety in the Digital Age cover graphic
Join us as we explore the crucial blend of digital and physical safety strategies in today's educational environments. This second webinar provides insights, strategies and solutions that have proven effective in schools around the world. We will cover topics including:
  • How a multi-layer approach to monitoring, assessing, and alerting around the clock creates an integrated system of protection.
  • The importance of legal compliance in issues such as student privacy and potential liability.
  • Understanding the vital role that a highly experienced and trained eye has in assessing context when evaluating potential signs of distress
  • Best practices for assessing the effectiveness of any solutions you have in place.


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Brian Thomas

President and CEO Lightspeed Systems

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Jamie Ryan

EVP, Operations & General Counsel Lightspeed Systems

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Amanda Sutter

Vice President of Product Lightspeed Systems

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Colin McCabe

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