Lightspeed Product Updates You Don't Want to Miss

August 26th, 2021  |  12pm CT

Lightspeed Product Updates You Don't Want to Miss

August 26th, 2021  |  12pm CT

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Data Visualization for
Educational Effectiveness

Keep students safe online with the Lightspeed Systems® Solution Suite.

90-Second Overview Video

Lightspeed Analytics™

Ensuring your district’s ed-tech software is providing the most value possible to your students and teachers is key to any successful online learning program. Lightspeed Analytics gives transparency into software usage, student engagement, and data privacy compliance, all while identifying cost-reduction opportunities and maximizing ROI.

Complete Visibility into Students' Online Learning

Mac desktop monitor displaying dashboard for Lightspeed Analytics software

Actionable, real-time insights

Keep track of the software you’ve invested in and how they’re being used. Lightspeed Analytics is built to give districts robust data on the effectiveness of any tools they implement so they can take a strategic approach to their technology stack and streamline reporting to district administration.

Customizable data sets

Lightspeed Analytics provides usage and adoption trend reports to monitor app and digital content consumption and ensure student engagement across the district, by school, grade, classroom, and student level. Use simple dashboards to analyze adoption, pinpoint needs for more effective utilization, and eliminate redundancy.

screenshots of desktop and mobile screens of custom data charts in Lightspeed Analytics
screenshot of dashboard showing district budget opportunities in Lightspeed Analytics

Optimize your technology budget

According to an analysis by EdWeek, 67% of ed-tech software licenses go unused. Lightspeed Analytics can detect all online apps and programs being used to help them eliminate wasted budget from unused licenses.  Lightspeed Analytics allows tech teams to evaluate ROI, track licenses, compare similar applications on usage, and identify redundant and underutilized apps.

Track data privacy compliance

Assess risk and compliance by surfacing vulnerabilities in securing student data privacy. Track proprietary privacy agreements with curriculum and ed-tech providers. Spot out-of-compliance and rogue applications.

screenshot of data privacy compliance dashboard in Lightspeed Analytics

Case Study

Thousands of Dollars Saved by Identifying Unused Ed-Tech Licenses with Lightspeed Analytics™

Making the most of limited budgets is crucial for schools. Learn how one Minnesota district used data and reporting from Lightspeed Analytics to save thousands. 

Lightspeed Systems® is a committed ally to schools around the world.

From an administrative side, the data and analytics that the tool provides has been invaluable whether it’s investigating a digital incident to showing overall usage to demonstrate our ROI.

Anthony Padrnos

Osseo Public Schools
Director of Technology

Drive technology ROI, adoption, compliance, and effectiveness.

Granular reporting

Drill down details on each individual app, software, or online resource to show what classes, groups, or schools are utilizing it.

License usage reports

Reporting on used/unused licenses for software, app, and online resources.

Cost and ROI reports

Analysis of cost and ROI of all software, apps, and paid resources.

Usage tracking

Adoption and engagement analysis for apps, software, and online resources.

Comprehensive dashboard

Combines all traffic whether it's on network or at home, on an app or a browser, into a single view.

Data privacy & security analysis

Analysis of app, software, and resource compliance with data privacy and security policies.

Powerful Features

Gain visibility into distance learning engagement and effectiveness.

Tech & Learning best of 2020 award winner badge

Lightspeed Analytics: Winner of Tech & Learning's The Best of 2020 Awards

Lightspeed Analytics was recognized as a winner in The Best of 2020 awards by Tech & Learning for its value, uniqueness in the market, and ability to solve specific challenges for educators and school administrators.

In the Primary (K-6) and Secondary (6-12) categories, Lightspeed Analytics and  Lightspeed Alert™ were named winners of Tech & Learning’s 2021 Best Remote & Blended Learning Tools.

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