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Using Federal Funds for Lightspeed Systems®

What are ESSER funds?

In 2020 the United States federal government designated more than $190 billion in COVID-19 relief programs for local educational agencies (LEAs), including K-12 districts. With new application requirements, deadlines, and funding reallocation, understanding how these funds can be leveraged in 2023 and beyond may be challenging, daunting, and difficult to navigate.

Due to changes in the learning climate—with school districts transitioning from in-person classrooms, to remote learning, and now to a hybrid learning approach—the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding packages have shifted requirements that allow districts to leverage funds in support of cybersecurity, student safety and wellness, and digital engagement.

School districts around the United States have reported using less than 15 percent of the total amount of ESSER funds allocated for states to use for addressing student mental health and learning loss from the COVID-19 pandemic. While a majority of funds are going unused due to schools facing staffing shortages and fund allocation delays from state and local governments, there is still time to use ESSER III funds—until September 2024—to purchase software for schools that addresses classroom management and engagement, reduces school violence and student harm, and improves cybersecurity and protecting student data.

What federal funds are available for schools?

Districts need to apply for funding before the upcoming deadlines at the end of early 2023 and 2024. Your district can leverage ESSER funds to provide technology for virtual instruction during long-term closures or to purchase edtech hardware, software, and connectivity infrastructure to improve student-teacher interaction.


Deadline for SEAs to submit final FY22 Maintenance of Effort data to Department of Education:

March 15, 2023

Has your state submitted a Maintenance of Effort waiver request?


Deadline for final spending of State Reserve Funds:

September 30, 2024

How can funds from ARP ESSER be used by K-12 districts?

LEAs can use up to 80% of ARP ESSER funds to address needs that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic, including, but not limited to, purchasing educational technology that aids in regular educational interaction between students and their classroom instructors and providing additional mental health services and support.

These funds can be used to implement all Lightspeed Systems solutions. Rather standalone or as an integrated suite, our patented edtech technology was designed exclusively for K-12 to help all districts, big or small, improve education and safeguard students online. Each Lightspeed solution is not only designed to integrate seamlessly with each other, but also to perform and implement easily within your district's existing edtech.

Lightspeed Filter™

Online student safety and health monitoring

Give your district the ability to find acts of cyberbullying, threats of school violence, or student self-harm so you can intervene before a tragedy occurs. Industry-leading AI sends real-time alerts to district staff and Lightspeed Safety Specialists to help a student in need.

Applicable solution: Lightspeed Alert

Lightspeed Filter™
Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™

Web and YouTube filtering with online learning support

Ensure your district is CIPA-compliant and keep your students safe online, on any device and operating system, by filtering content that’s illicit, malicious, or unproductive with Lightspeed Filter™. SmartPlay™, our proprietary YouTube filtering feature included with Lightspeed Filter, keeps access to YouTube educational and easy to control. Pair it with Lightspeed Mobile Device Management™ to securely manage your school’s devices, applications, and policies with real-time visibility and location reporting.

Applicable solutions: Lightspeed Filter, Lightspeed Mobile Device Management

Lightspeed Classroom Management™

Improve teacher-student interaction and engagement

Studies show that positive teacher-student interactions lead to improved cognitive development and mental well-being. Implement software that aids in the daily interaction between teachers and their students. Lightspeed Classroom Management™ gives teachers control over their digital classrooms so they can focus more time on educating and less time on managing.

Applicable solution: Lightspeed Classroom Management

Lightspeed Digital Insight™

Inform district decisions with data

Do you know if your district’s technology is being utilized efficiently? Lightspeed Digital Insight™ gives district IT teams visibility and transparency into software usage, app license management, and privacy compliance, all while identifying cost-reduction opportunities to help save your district money.

Applicable solution: Lightspeed Digital Insight