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Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

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The IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) is a not-for-profit organisation working to minimise the availability of online sexual abuse content by identifying images and videos of children through public reports and internal teams. The IWF list contains specific web pages, or URLs. Every URL on the list depicts indecent images of children, advertisements for or links to such content, on a publicly available website. The list typically contains 500 – 800 URLs at any one time and is updated twice a day to ensure all entries are still live.

Lightspeed Systems® is a proud Member of the IWF and have worked with them for over 10 years to give our customers the best protection against these harmful sites.

IWF URL list

URL List

As soon as the list is updated by IWF, Lightspeed Systems receives the latest sites and we immediately update our Lightspeed Filter™ categories.


Reports can be set up for administrators with real-time alerts when students or staff attempt to reach sites from IWF’s list.

IWF reporting
IWF global protection

Global Protection

Although IWF is based in the UK and works with the UK Government, the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office, information is gathered from across the world to ensure our global users are also protected.

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